Just when you thought lockdown was bad enough, one couple have been living chained together for the last 3 months.

And now the worst has happened, keep scrolling for the shocking video...


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They can be a little confusing at times, can't they?

Allowing a new partner into your life is always going to be a big deal.

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And it can take months for most couples to fully settle into a comfortable routine.

Because, despite relationships being mostly fun and games...

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The early days of any courtship can be a little tough to navigate.

There is a lot to learn about a new partner...

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And rules and boundaries need to be established from an early stage.

And even after marriage, some couples choose to test their love to make sure they really are meant to be together...

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Although one couple has certainly gone to extremes...

Every relationship is different.

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And different couples have their own opinions when it comes to spicing up the relationship.

Although things don't always go to plan. For example...

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One woman has had to go to hospital after being chained to her husband for 3 months.

And people have been left horrified by the reason why...

The couple quickly realized there's a huge downside to being in such close proximity for that long...

After one of them developed "very painful" ulcers.

Twenty-eight-year-old Viktoria Pustovitova, and thirty-three-year-old Alexander Kudlay, decided to chain themselves together to see how long they'd last...


According to the pair, they managed to master washing dishes, cooking food, going to the toilet, and even driving a car!

But Viktoria has now developed sores on her wrist due to the chains, resulting in a visit to the emergency room...


Alexander said: "We smeared on ointment but it did not bring any result.

"It is a nightmare."

Viktoria was told to wear a tight bandage after visiting the hospital...


And were warned by a dermatologist they might have to quit their dangerous challenge.

She said: "These are ulcers from prolonged contact with metal, from constant clamping of the tissues, leading to circulatory disorders."


While Viktoria and Alexander might have mastered most things together, they admitted going to public restrooms has been hard.

They have been using the female toilet, but have frequently been met with complaints because of Alexander.


And it's clear they don't even want to discuss their sex life, simply saying: "We do not speak about this."

However, they say their work lives haven't been disrupted, with Alexander selling car parts online while Viktoria has been training to be a beautician during lockdown.


Alexander said he came up with the idea of being chained together because his girlfriend used to move out after the "slightest quarrel."

He explained: "I jokingly said - 'I'll tie you up. Why do you need all this running around?'

"In the end we did so.

"Viktoria didn't really agree at first, but I convinced her."

Their chain is welded together, meaning emergency services would have to be called to set them free...

It definitely doesn't sound like the healthiest relationship.

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