Couple Find Their Wedding Rings Among Remains of Their Wildfire-Destroyed Home | 22 Words

A couple has miraculously found their wedding rings among the remains of their wildfire-destroyed home in California.

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Wildfires are one of Mother Nature's most deadly forces...

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And there is absolutely no stopping them from spreading their path of destruction.

These uncontrollable fires occur in areas with a hot climate...

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So they're very common in places such as Australia, Africa, South-East Asia, South America... and even here in the United States.

Even though a small percentage of wildfires are caused by human activity...

The majority can come from absolutely nowhere and their destruction can be terrifying.

Take the Australian bushfires at the start of this year, for example.

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Igniting in December of 2019 and finally burning out in March of this year, Australia faced one of their most deadly summers in decades.

The fires were utterly devastating.

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Thirty-four people in total lost their lives and more than 2,700 homes were completely destroyed by the flames.

Australia's wildlife numbers may never be the same ever again.

It has been estimated that approximately 8,000 koala bears perished in the bushfires alongside thousands of other animals and birds.

It was an utterly tragic time for Australia.

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Even though they're now healing thanks to the help of volunteers all around the world, the 2020 bushfires are something the country will never get over.

And now, just to make this terrible year even worse...

We are now suffering here in the United States.

For the last month, California has been ravaged by wildfires.

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The deadly flames have so far burnt over 1 million acres and sadly, there is no end in sight.

Firefighters from all across the country have been working tirelessly to try and ease the flames...

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But they simply can't put a stop to the fast-spreading fires thanks to a reported 12,000 lightning strikes across the state in the last few weeks.

Thousands of people have been injured by the flames alongside thousands of homes being so far destroyed...

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And it seems that California is steadily heading down the same treacherous path as Australia.

It's utterly devastating to see this happening...

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And things took a turn for the worst last month when a helicopter pilot lost his life after his aircraft crashed whilst pouring water over the flames. 9 others have also been confirmed to have died.

But amongst the constant turmoil and devastation...

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There is a small glimmer of hope.

Countless volunteers have been working hard together to help restore damaged homes and care for those who have been left with nothing...

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And a recent story of a married couple who lost their home has been warming the hearts of the nation.

Last Wednesday, Jason and Chloe Caroll were forced to flee their property in Vacaville, northeast of San Francisco.

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The LNU Lightning Complex fire tore toward them, engulfing their entire home. "It looked like a tornado of flames. I have just never seen something move so fast… The flames were taller than trees," Chloe said in an interview with KCRA on Saturday.

They were able to evacuate safely with their 2 sons...

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But their family home was completely destroyed, engulfing all of their personal possessions. "I just watched it all burning down,' an emotional Chloe stated, adding that the home had been in her family for more than thirty-five years. "I just thought of everything. My kids' ultrasound photos. My kids' footprints from their birth."

Jason and Chloe's wedding rings were also in the house when they fleed...

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But when the couple returned forty-eight hours later with some family members to try and move through the rubble, they made the most unbelievable discovery.

One of Chloe's aunts discovered the couple's wedding rings... completely intact.

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"I just started screaming, 'We found it! We found it! I told you we would find it!" the aunt, Denise Pennington, said.

Chloe strongly believed the wedding rings would have been "melted down to nothing."

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Chloe says the rings will help her as she faces a long and painful rebuilding process.

"I got something that I thought was completely gone. It gives you a little bit of 'we can do this'. It gives you a little hope."

We hope that Jason, Chloe, and their family will find peace soon...

And we hope their journey to rebuilding their home will happen soon. Keep on scrolling to read about the Australian firefighters who are set to come and help here in California...