Couple Fly Home With Newly Adopted Baby and Passengers Throw Them an Impromptu Baby Shower | 22 Words

It's a sad reality that too many children in the foster care system end up in less-than-ideal homing situations. Adoption is one of the most incredibly selfless things a person can do to help out these kids in need.

And one couple traveling back home from adopting a baby truly experienced the kindness of strangers...

Kids can truly enrich a person's life.

Pouring your love into another person and raising them to adulthood is undeniably fulfilling.

And for those who choose not to have biological children...

Adoption is a truly amazing thing to do for the world.

And one couple, Dustin and Caren Moore, chose this path.

While traveling back from California with their newborn baby, something absolutely adorable happened...

Because, after hearing about the amazing thing this couple had done...

Fellow passengers thought it was only appropriate to throw the new parents a baby shower - while on board.

Our hearts are melting.

Dad, Dustin Moore, took to Twitter to tell his inspiring story...

Here are the adorable couple.

via: Twitter

Alongside their brand new daughter, who they were bringing home for the first time.

And here's their incredible tale.

Which serves as a reminder that maybe we're not all doomed...

Kids on a plane are never easy.

Let alone when you're talking about a newborn baby and multiple pieces of luggage, too.

Any parent knows this struggle ...

Thank god for people like Jenny!

Jenny was curious about the situation ...

And the parents were happy to discuss what was going on.

And it seems interest was piqued.

Because other attendants followed up with the parents to learn of their inspiring story...

But it turns out there was an ulterior motive.

There was another reason for the gathering of information.

And Bobby had a plan.

This was the start of a beautiful thing.

The messages shared were amazing.

We absolutely love the honesty of these!

And then things started to make sense.

Bobby and Jenny had also enjoyed an act of kindness they'd clearly never forgotten.

The parents' story clearly touched passengers' hearts.

It seemed as though the entire flight shared a really beautiful thing.

And it seemed the support was much appreciated.

We can only imagine the emotional rollercoaster these new parents' had been on!

You can never know how much your actions affect others.

And the kindness of strangers should never be underestimated.

Take a look at this book.

It's surely one of the best gifts a new parent could ask for.

What a heartwarming tale.

And surely proof that not all is bad in the world! Want another heartwarming adoption tale? Scroll on for one man who's clearly an absolute hero.