Couple Welcomes Twins Less Than 11 Months After Birth of First Child

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Someone’s been busy, haven’t they? A mom was shocked to discover that she was pregnant with twins just a few weeks after she gave birth to her first child.

Shaylee Bush, thirty, and her husband Mykal, thirty-nine, from Utah recently welcomed their first daughter, Haisley and within a few weeks, were shocked to discover that they would be welcoming twins in less than eleven months’ time! Harlow and Oaklyn were born the following year, but only ten months after their big sister.

Shaylee spends her time documenting her life with her little family on TikTok, answering questions and sharing updates on her children. Many people on the platform are curious about how the mom-of-3 manages to handle them all at once.

“I hope their parents are young,” writes one user. “They are going to need a lot of energy, especially when they all turn 2!”

The mom replied to the comment telling the user that they were already 2, turning 3 soon!

The girls’ ages overlap for a month every year so having 3 children under 3 can be a handful, but it seems like Shaylee manages it all very well.

In one of her viral videos, Shaylee shares an image of herself with Haisley writing: “Me with our firstborn baby. I love her so much I already want another one.” It’s recommended that you wait for at least 6 weeks before having sex again but it seems as though as soon as the time was up, the couple made up for lost time not thinking that they could be expecting again any time soon. However, the Utah couple was in for the shock of their lives once they found out they would be welcoming twins into the world in a few months’ time.

Fast forward to October of 2019, just before Haisley turned eleven months old, Shaylee was delivering her fraternal twin daughters, Oaklyn and Harlow via C-section. They weighed 7 lbs. 3 oz. and 6 lbs. 8 oz.

Shaylee says she wouldn’t “change a thing” about the experience.

Check out another one of her viral videos below: