Couple Match Their Outfits With Pet Tortoise | 22 Words

There's no denying that pets really are the light in our lives and we do just about anything for them. But one pampered pet has been going viral this week for a rather unconventional reason...

Ethel the tortoise has skyrocketed to Instagram stardom for donning coordinating outfits with her owners and it's quite possibly the best thing we've ever seen.

Keep scrolling to take a look at Ethel in action. Just wait until you see the denim dress...

Pets are one of the many joys in life.

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Whether you’re a cat or a dog person or prefer something a bit more exotic, having a pet is simply wonderful.

There isn't anything we wouldn't do for them.

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Meaning many of us are often guilty of overly pampering our furry friends.

They're totally worth it, though.

But one pampered pet has been hitting the headlines this week for a very unusual reason...

A pet tortoise has risen to internet fame.

Why? Because she wears coordinating outfits with her owners.

It's truly a sight worth seeing.

It's impossible to be in a bad mood after reading this...

Meet Ethel.

Ethel lives with her owner's Kasey Kuchinski and Daniel Rodriguez in Sonoma, Californa.

But she's no ordinary tortoise.

Ethel has shot to Instagram fame over the last couple of years.

She has been entertaining her thousands of followers with the cutest snaps...

The 20lb Sulcata tortoise has been attracting attention online, and not just for her adorable appearance...

Ethel is known for donning matching outfits to her owners.

It's the cutest thing we've seen. Keep scrolling to take a look...

But in 2018, disaster struck...

Ethel had a brush with tragedy 2 years ago when she escaped her back yard after a repairman left the gate open.

The internet well and truly exploded.

And news of her escape quickly started popping up in all corners of the web.

Luckily, after twenty-eight days...

Ethel was found stuck in a fence and was returned home to her owners.

And she quickly returned to Instagram.

Her month-long venture doesn't seem to have phased her.

The pampered reptile has a wardrobe full of clothes...

Which she often shows off to her followers.

But undoubtedly her most popular posts are those when she is matching her owners...

From knitwear to summer outfits, there's nothing the trio haven't done.

The idea was sparked after Kasey saw the trend of kids and parents coordinating their outfits popping up on Instagram.

And given the fact that Kasey and Daniel openly admit that they see Ethel as their child, they decided to put their own twist on the online trend. "I was seeing a trend on Instagram where families with children would take photos wearing matching outfits," Kasey explained. "I just thought it would be funny to do the same but with our tortoise – it’s sort of an inside joke I guess."

Kasey has a background in fashion design...

So she creates Ethel's little ensembles from scratch - either from her own material or by altering children's clothing.

Kasey says she tries to be as sustainable as possible while creating Ethel's outfits.

"I try not to spend more than £4 on each outfit, otherwise this whole idea wouldn’t be sustainable for us – she’s gone through so many."

Despite the sheer size of Ethel's growing wardrobe...

Kasey admits that she doesn't keep all of the outfits. Keep scrolling to check out the adorable snaps of the trio's coordinating pieces.

So, without further ado, let's take a look at the trio's matching outfits.

Get prepared for the most wholesome read of your life. Just wait until you see the denim dress...

16. Hard at work.

Ethel looks like the best (and cutest) helping hand.

15. Brisk walk.

Pinstripes really bring out your eyes, Ethel.

14. 4th July celebrations.

Ethel really is the cutest.

13. Yellow is really her color.

Work it, Ethel.

12. Beach day.

This may be one of the sweetest things we've laid eyes on.

11. Cheers!

Ethel could warm even the coldest of hearts.

10. Something cosier.

Ethel can even rock knitwear.

9. That hat, though!

Gotta stay protected from that sun.

8. Plaid ensemble.

Can we get one of those in our size, please?

7. Did someone say ice cream?

That's quite possibly the sweetest ice cream we've ever seen.

6. Beenie.

Heart = melted.

5. Spa day.

Even tortoises need some pampering every now and then!

4. Happy Valentines day!

We truly can't get enough of this content.

3. Yoga? No problem.

Those poses, though.

2. Cold, winter day.

It's so fluffy!

1. It's called fashion.

Ethel rocking that denim dress is everything we didn't know we needed. Interested in more adorable animal content? Keep scrolling to see a kitty that has gone viral online after her owner documented her carefree life. The pictures are the cutest thing...