Couple Stages Full on Explicit Delivery Room Photoshoot for the 'Birth' of New Kitten | 22 Words

Thanks to newborn photography, we are all able to experience the miracle of birth from a much more intimate perspective than we ever could before. If you happen to be in your late 20s-early 30s, you've probably seen a lot of birth and newborn photography popping up in your social media. But why should not having a human child stop someone from having a photoshoot? This adorable couple and their even more adorable cat poked fun at the newborn photography trend with a hilarious photoshoot of their new kitten!


Lucy Schultz is a wedding photographer from Denver, Colorado.

You can see her work here. While usually Lucy photographs other people's weddings, this week she was the subject of a hilarious photoshoot with her partner.

But it wasn't just any photoshoot.

The hilarious photoshoot spoofs birth and newborn photography by using a very different subject: their new kitten!

It's so funny, we can't handle it.

via: Elizabeth Woods-Darby Photography

All of the shots are perfect. Just looked at her pained expression and the cat just sitting there. We are dying. The photos were taken by photographer Elizabeth Woods-Darby who is obviously a genius.

The two women are photographers, so they definitely get how to set up the perfect shot.

via: Elizabeth Woods-Darby Photography

The cat is also so photogenic!

The couple are really good actors, too.

via: Elizabeth Woods-Darby Photography

Their "miracle of birth" faces are on point.

The new cat dad especially is maybe enjoying this a little too much.

via: Elizabeth Woods-Darby Photography

He makes the best faces.

They even have that same newborn baby swaddle that everyone has!

via: Elizabeth Woods-Darby Photography

This is a perfect baby.

We love their commitment to this joke.

via: Elizabeth Woods-Darby Photography

The photos are actually really good! Frameworthy, for sure.

Their beautiful new kitty is still nameless, though.

May we suggest the name Baby?

Congrats to the new parents!

via: Elizabeth Woods-Darby Photography

Savor every moment, they grow up so fast. One minute you're cleaning up their vomit, the next minute you're...well, still cleaning up their vomit.