Couple Turns Ordinary 1930s Family Home Into a Modern Masterpiece | 22 Words

A couple decided to renovate their ordinary 1930s home into a modern masterpiece. The finished product is completely mindblowing.

Have a look for yourselves...

What makes the perfect home?

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In order to have your dream property, you need to pay attention to all the details.

And though renovating takes time and a lot of effort, it is always worth it in the end.

Thirty-six-year-old Katy Wilson decided she was ready to take on the challenge of giving her 1930's home a complete makeover.

While the property had a lot of potentials, it also needed a lot of extra work doing to transform it into a modern beauty.

So in 2018, the journey began and 2 years later, her house stands tall against the rest. Keep scrolling to see all the before and after pictures of the makeover.


The house was just any other one you would find in the UK.

But it had the potential to be much more...

And that's exactly why Katy decided to take on the project.

After gaining planning permission, she, and her family, started on their 2-year journey to creating their perfect home.

The property didn't have too much to offer at the start, with only 2.5 bedrooms...

The 0.5 part was a room so small that it would even be too difficult to stuff a single bed in there.

And it only had one single bathroom.

But considering average house prices in the UK, the old house would have cost them approximately 259,000 dollars.

And after the renovation, Katy guessed that they invested another 324,705 dollars into it. Wow.

But when you see the results, you'll realize it was worth it too.

Here's the finished project:

Can you believe that this is the same house?

Katy has taken it from an ordinary building to a modern villa fit for a family.

The trendy prints contrast perfectly against the dark shades...

This is everyone's dream home.

The kitchen has taken a more open space plan with a stylish island which also acts as extra storage.

All the details are simply stunning to look at.

The dining table sits under a glass ceiling that brings some well-needed light to the place.

Isn't it just beautiful?

Here we have the living room:

The splash of color really adds some brightness to the living room, while still keeping a classy and modern feel.

And now we have the bathroom:

Take a look at this!

And they managed to get another bathroom in the house too:

We're totally in love with it.

They also decided to add in a "snug room."

Now onto the upstairs:

The first bedroom:

Their 3-year-old daughter's room:

Another bedroom:

And we can't forget about the garden, can we?

What was once a patch of grass has now been transformed into a space to chill out.

And of course, the exterior matches the interior of the house.

And Katy's not even done yet, she's always adding little details as she goes along...

Imagine sitting out here on a beautiful summer evening?

After seeing the finished property, we can all wholeheartedly say that the renovation was worth it.

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