Couple Welcome Identical Twin Girls 6 Years After Welcoming Identical Twin Boys

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A couple welcomed identical twin girls just 6 years after welcoming identical twin boys, and it’s absolutely amazing.


Miracles really do happen.

A couple in Louisiana got extremely lucky when it came to growing their little herd, and their story really does show that everything really does happen for a reason.


A good while ago, Erin and Jake Credo were delighted to welcome Cooper and Grant into the world, 2 identical twin boys.

And the boys brought a whole different meaning to the lives of the couple.

That meaning not only involved endless diaper changes, and hungry babies but finding out what it meant to be parents watching your children learn their first words, or walk their first steps, and most importantly, for Erin and Jake, it meant watching their identical twins form a bond that will never be broken.

However, even with all that love in their heart, they didn’t think that they’d want to expand their pack, and if they did want to do that, the couple would need help conceiving again, as they needed help with Cooper and Grant.


But, as we all know, life never works out the way we planned it, right?

And sometimes, you expect 1 thing, and you get something completely different.

Maybe you ended up in a job you thought wasn’t for you but it ended up being the perfect fit, or maybe you met someone without trying, and now you’re life partners, or you might have even become pregnant even though you thought you needed help to conceive…


Oh, and upon getting your sonogram, you found out you were having another set of twins.

Yep, that’s right, Erin was pregnant again, and with twin girls! And when she texted Jake the photograph, he just thought it was a picture of their boys from 6 years ago…

“Oh no. That is not our boys. That is this pregnancy” she said as a response, according to Today.

And it was a huge shock because the couple struggled for more than 2 years when trying to get pregnant with Cooper and Grant.

So, can you imagine the surprise when they found out they’re having another set of twins?


And so, on September 22, additional members of their herd were welcomed… Lola and Allie.

The bond between twins is truly incredible. And it seems as though Cooper and Grant are in love with their new identical sisters, too.

“The bond between identical twins is unlike any other connection,” Erin said.

Do you have twins?