Couple Who Mistakenly Get Thousands of Letters Addressed To Santa Have Replied To Every One for 10 Years | 22 Words

One couple has opened up about mistakingly being sent thousands of letters to Santa every year, and what they've done in response is heartwarming.

The letters are heartbreaking. Keep scrolling for the full story...

As weird as it sounds, Christmas is coming...

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Because we all know that 2020 has truly been a bizarre year!

But, hey, at least it's something to look forward to...

And there's a lot to love about Christmas time.

There are gifts, family time...

Movies and (hopefully) snow.

And of course, who could forget...

That special visit from Santa Claus!

But this year has been a little different for all of us...

So, of course, Christmas is very unlikely to be normal for anyone this year.

The pandemic has led to many struggling financially...

So the stress of Christmas feels greater than ever... Especially for parents who have children excitedly awaiting gifts from Santa.

Now, lots of children are still sending letters to Santa...

And, remarkably, many of them have been addressed and posted - accidentally, of course - to a couple in New York.

And even more remarkably so?

The couple recently revealed that, over the last ten years, they have answered over 2,000 of the letters addressed to Santa Claus that had been mistakenly delivered to their apartment.

Jim Glaub, forty, and Dylan Parker, thirty-nine, started receiving the letters to their apartment on West 22nd Street in Manhattan back in 2010.

The letters were mostly written by kids and their families struggling through the holidays. Their heartbreaking requests to Santa included; asking for food, blankets, and shoes, with some saying they couldn't even afford a turkey on Christmas Day.

The pair still have no idea why the letters were addressed to them...

But both felt compelled to answer the letters and, at one point, even got their friends and family in on it too.

Jim hopes to expand their reach, replying to children in the UK as well...

Talking to UK's BBC Radio 4, he said: "We have a lot of families that have come out and said we could use a little miracle too so hopefully soon we will be crossing the pond."

Jim went on to explain how they were warned about the letters from the previous owner...

He said: "The gentlemen who’d lived there a few years before us had said 'these letters to Santa are going to come - only a couple - but just so you know, it happens.'"

They were both shocked when they received hundreds of letters in the first year...

Jim explained: "In 2010 we got one letter that came in, then a couple more. By the end of November, we were at hundreds. In December it was over 400, it was quite alarming."

They even argued with their local mailman over the letters.

At the start, the couple opened a few to try and grasp where they were coming from and why.

Most of the letters came from children in New York asking for essentials to keep their family warm and fed over Christmas.

Some children were so desperate to avoid going to a soup kitchen again that they asked for Santa to bring them food.

One child wrote:

"Santa I would be extremely grateful if you can send my brother something. He's 15. "Please don't worry about me this year. I just want my brother to have a good Christmas. Our mom is not in our life. Our grandfather is raising us the best he can. "My brother is taking things the hardest. Last year we ate at a soup kitchen. Please Santa, not this year too."

Jim explained how he got his friends and family onboard...

"We threw a 1960s vintage holiday party and what ended up happening is that people saw a big stack of letters in the front of the room."

"I told them the story and organically, people said: 'I'll take a letter! I'll take a letter!'"

"It just sort of snapped, and I thought, 'Oh we're going to get people to fulfill these.' People wanted to help."

That's when they decided to set up Miracle on 22nd Street, a non-profit where people can gift those asking for help.

And, over the last ten years, the group has managed to respond to over 2,000 letters!

Jim said his next mission is the UK.

He said: "We lived there for 2 years and were so thrilled by the outpouring of support from people in the UK."

After moving from the apartment, the new tenant has been tasked with helping them continue their efforts.

Although they still have no idea why the letters are addressed to that apartment.

Dylan previously revealed: "We've considered there's an organization with a similar dress or if it's a scam."

"As it's progressed I've cared about that less and less and been more like, is there an expectation here? What do we need to do?"

Although the street is known to be filled with Christmas magic...

Clement Clarke Moore wrote The Night Before Christmas, just 5 doors down from their apartment! What a magical story! If you want to offer your services over Christmas or know someone who could use a helping hand, check out their website here. Keep scrolling for more...