Couple Who Spent $67K Transforming House Forced To Switch Christmas Lights off

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A couple who have spent $67,000 transforming their house into a winter wonderland for the last 5 years have been forced to switch off their lights for the first-ever time.

Read on to find out why…

And despite the chaos and despair that 2020 has brought, people are now feeling more festive than ever!

And even though many families are sadly going to be kept apart over the festive season, people are trying to make the most of the celebrations.

The presents are wrapped, the turkeys are pre-ordered, and the Zoom calls are scheduled for Christmas day.

And nothing is quite as festive as a beautifully-decorated house, right?

And it’s become quite the competition among communities!

There’s always one house in the neighborhood that reigns supreme as the best decorated…

And that brings us to the story of Dan and Mark Warr-Extance.

And they take Christmas very seriously when it comes to decorations.

And as they started to gain recognition, they began attracting thousands of paying visitors over the years; in which they donate the money they make to numerous charities, including the UK’s National Health Service (NHS).

The decorations that the couple spent a staggering $67,143 on are truly amazing.

This year’s fundraising winter wonderland has been halted abruptly thanks to some rule-breakers, and the usual guests have been left feeling very disappointed.

Of course, this year is very different from the rest with strict COVID-19 restrictions being in place all across the U.K.

“We are sorry but we have had to turn the lights off, due to someone phoning the police about social distancing. We have also had a lot of people visiting from Tier 3 areas.” The U.K is currently living in a 1-3 tier system, with areas in tier 3 being considered as the highest risk.

“The police have said, we have manned the lights perfectly, but unfortunately a small amount has ruined it for everyone else.”

“All we ask is that if we decide to turn them back on – at the moment we have no intentions on them going back on any time soon – but if we did, the lights would be on until January 6th, so there’s no need to rush out.”

“We ask that no one parks on the main road and that people keep in the groups and all social distance.”

“There was a large number of people running into hundreds waiting to see [the lights]. Officers spoke to the organizers and they agreed they would turn them off due to the significant crowds gathering, which was in excess of what they’d expected,” they said in a statement, as per LadBible.

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