Date night has just received a creative, yet sometimes mind-boggling makeover...

Romantic, candle-lit dinners are out...

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And, believe it or not, cozy nights in completing jigsaw puzzles are in.

Everybody is doing them.

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Okay, maybe not everybody. But there has been an undeniable rise in couples choosing to spend their anniversaries and date nights in the comfort of their own home completing jigsaw puzzles together.

For example...

Soccer star, Rio Ferdinand, and his wife, Kate Ferdinand, recently spent their first wedding anniversary tackling a customized jigsaw of themselves.

Kate put this on her Instagram Stories.

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The jigsaw had been customized to feature a photo from their wedding day. How cute?

As you can see, jigsaws make for the perfect anniversary or date night...

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So, let's take a look at which jigsaws are available to you and your other half.

Okay, I may not be able to offer a jigsaw that features a cute couple photo...

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But I can offer the next best thing.


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Blue Kazoo's stunning Earth Series. This series offers a dazzling set of jigsaw puzzles that each showcase the beauty and complicity of our planet and the surrounding solar system. Keep scrolling to see if you and your partner are up to the challenge...

Is your love "out of this world?" The Earth Puzzle might just be the puzzle for you.

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I'm not even going to apologize for these puns.

Or does your relationship need a little bit of fire? The Sun Jigsaw Puzzle has you covered.

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Now this would be a challenge.

Or do you love your partner to the moon and back? Give the Moon Jigsaw Puzzle a go!

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Who says romance is dead?