Couple’s ‘Rules’ for Their Marriage Spark Enormous Backlash

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We all have boundaries when it comes to relationships, and each set of boundaries can be completely different compared to another couple’s relationship.

But a Christian woman on TikTok has shared her relationship’s boundaries, or rather, ‘rules,’ that have people quite riled up.

Keep scrolling to find out why.

Bailey Mcpherson, mom of 1, who has been married to her husband Zac for 3 years, posted a video to TikTok.

“Rules my husband and I have in our marriage that make people ANGRY,” she titled the video.

Using the sound ‘Bunny is Queen, Bunny Barbie,’ the Christian mom said that she and her husband aren’t allowed to do numerous things, all of which shocked a lot of people.

Here are some of the things she listed…

“No friends of the opposite sex, no work gfs/ bfs or being alone with the opposite sex, no texting the opposite sex without the other knowing.”

“No lusting after others (no following scandalous pages).”

“No p*rn,” and “always put each other 1st (even over parents).”

The ‘rules’ caused a huge backlash, resulting in Bailey turning off her comments.

“Tell me you don’t trust your partner without telling me you don’t trust your partner,” one person had written under the comments before they were turned off.

Another person wrote: “This just sounds like insecurities tbh.”

But, she didn’t change her mind at all.

She created another video listing what happens when you give up p*rn.

“Gain a healthier s*x life, stronger intimacy in your marriage/ relationships, healthier self-body image, form stronger connections and create better habits, maintain mental/ emotional health, you help stop an industry that fuels s*x trafficking and r*pe, lessening the demand and helping change the world, and so much more,” she finished.

And on this one, a lot more people agreed with her…

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“This almost ruined my marriage. Thank God he changed,” one person said.

While another wrote: “For the people who watch it KNOWING what they are supporting. Doesn’t sound like someone I would want around.”

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And when someone asked her why they’d want to lose out on “great friendships because of trust issues”, she responded with this video.

In the video, she explains that they don’t have trust issues, but have a: “Boundary of respect that we both feel is right for us.”

She then explains that she has no need for companionship with another man that she could not get with her husband, and her husband, Zac, is the same.

Bailey expresses that, for her, it would be a red flag if someone couldn’t respect her boundaries, stating that: “I could never be with someone who couldn’t have the same boundaries that I have, or respect said boundaries, as well as feel the need to seek companionship with those of the opposite sex.”

What works for them, works for them, we guess, right?

What are some of your boundaries in a relationship? Come on, don’t be shy.