A school in Washington has recently hit headlines for a rather unique take on social distancing ...

A school in has recently made the headlines for their COVID measures.

The pictures are surprisingly hilarious.

And the internet agrees.

Has social distancing gone too far?

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In general, schools have general rules in place to protect students...

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And they are urged to follow them no matter what the circumstance is.

From fire drills to uniform restrictions, these rules have been well-thought-out.

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But, of course, not all situations can be prepped for.

But with the pandemic still going strong, these rules aren't just the typical ones anymore...

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We've all been trying our best to get back to normality, but with the virus still spreading, it seems like it's going to be more difficult than we originally thought.

In lots of states, it has become mandatory to wear a face mask on certain occasions.

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And this includes in schools. Seems fair enough, right?

But the issue that many people have discovered is how uncomfortable face masks can be for children...

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Particularly when they are worn for a long period of time.

This is why some schools are not forcing their students to wear them...

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But that could potentially come with other risks, especially in crowded hallways and classrooms.

So one school in Washington has come up with a solution.

The problem is, it's very very odd-looking ...

​Check out the controversial band practice ...

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