These Bizarre Excuses People Have Given Are Completely True

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Is there anything better than canceling plans? Being canceled on, probably. There’s nothing better than when you get that text from your friend that says, “Heyyyyy, can we actually resched?” HALLELUJAH, BRING ON THE NETFLIX AND SWEATPANTS.

While going out is great and everything, sometimes you’re not in the mood. We’ve all been in the, “I need a good excuse ASAP” boat. There’s no judging here; we’ve all done it. But every so often, someone’s “insane” excuse turns out to be true. We may think our friend is trying to get out of hanging with us, but when we find out they weren’t lying, we can’t believe it. Their excuse seemed way too contrived! Their dog really did eat the directions to the party!

There’s a Subreddit that poses the question, “What’s the craziest excuse someone has given you that ended up being true?” The answers are endlessly entertaining.

“The lions got me.”

You can’t make up an excuse like this.

This sounds like the plot of a movie.

Can you imagine if the company didn’t give him his job back?

Now here’s one I’ve never heard before.

Does this person live next door to Walter White? Is this a Breaking Bad plot line? So many questions, not enough answers.

The miracle of life.

Something tells me that car needed more than just a scrubbing. This is also my biggest fears– someone going into labor in my car.

This is horrifying.

Thank goodness he was okay. How would you react if you got that same text?

How can you stay mad when a person has an excuse like this?

The only thing worth being three hours late for: delivering a baby.

“Sorry professor…I was stuck in an elevator.”

The idea of getting stuck in an elevator is horrible enough, but with the added stress of academic duties? Forget about it!

Blame it on the peacock.

I bet that boss felt pretty salty afterward.

“Sorry, honey, I won’t be home for dinner. I’m stuck…in the toilet.”

This entire situation sounds like the beginning of a scary movie. I would not have been as chill as this man.

Believe me, teach!

I wouldn’t wish poison ivy eyes on my worst enemy.

Eyes on the road!

I’m honestly surprised that this doesn’t happen more. It’s impossible to sneeze with your eyes open!

When no one believes you…

Thanks guys. I really thought my coworkers had my back.

Greatest excuse of all time?

Or the most elaborate ruse? Either way, it worked.

Just when you think you know someone…

This poor guy! In the doghouse for no good reason.

“Yeah…I’m not going to make it into work. For a month.”

When you get an “accidental” extended vacation.

They’re innocent until proven guilty.

This seems too wild to be true. Talk about a stressful mix-up.

Well, this is one way to get out of helping your friend move.

This guy has been walking around with a fractured spine for over a year. That has to be some kind of record, right?

It’s a trap!

This is incredibly frustrating. Also, I would definitely have given up as well.

“It wasn’t me, I swear!”

Parents– they just don’t understand. You would think parents would have a little more faith in their children.

“I’m stranded in the middle of a lake on a unicorn.”

One would think there’s no way this could be true, but alas. It actually happened.

“Umm, my car blew up?”

The student’s email is the best part. Thank goodness the teacher was understanding.

When the oldest cliche is true.

Sometimes there’s nothing you can do about it.

My pet lizard did it.

The fact that this student cleaned it off and still brought in the homework is pretty amazing. If I was the teacher, I would’ve been like, “NOPE.” Lizard poop is a no-go.

How does this even happen?

Not the ideal first day of work.

Don’t mess with swans.

Swans are sneaky little buggers.

Seriously– do not mess with swans.

They’re beautiful creatures, but absolutely deadly.

This student should honestly get extra credit.

Saving animals with a guidance counselor? I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a DREAM.

A twist on the modern classic excuse.

Like swans, goats cannot be trusted.

This excuse is NSFW.

Skunks have needs too, apparently.

Some things are just inexplainable.

Those poor animals! Share this with your friend who continually flakes out on your plans with the most over-the-top reasons.