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Ah, yes, the lifestyle of the rich Even though we all have preconceived notions about what it's like to have so much money, seeing it in the wild can surprise you! So a bunch of Redditors revealed the absolute richest things they've ever seen from people What do you think is the most crazy rich thing a person can do on the spot? Because when you read through this list, some of these people will definitely surprise you! From buying cars out-of-pocket to giving away insane amounts of money, spur-of-the-moment, to charity, there's a lot to unpack here.

So keep reading and check out the things that rich people are able to do when they feel like it!

Start with car problems, end with a Mercedes.

I had just turned 17 a few days prior and had some money saved to buy a piece of crap car for $2k. It's all I could afford to buy myself at the time and I did not want any financial help from my family. After driving it for 10 miles, smoke started to pour out of the hood and the temperature of the car was in the red zone. -anonymous Redditor

Because crazy rich Grandma is a boss.

I let the car cool down, drove another 5 miles, and it happened again. I called my mom and dad for help to no avail, so then I called my grandma, also known as Noni. Well, Noni flipped out that I wasn't given a safer/better car from my parents, so she picked me up, gave me the keys to her 2001 Mercedes E320, and had me drive her to the Mercedes dealership where she then bought herself a brand new Mercedes GLE class that had just come out a few months prior.  -anonymous Redditor

Noni was like, "keep the change," except the change is a car.

This all happened within an hour. I remember thinking at the time "Dang, I hope I can be rich enough one day to buy a brand new Mercedes on the spot". The richest thing I ever saw. Love you Noni. -anonymous Redditor

Noni's is a real rags-to-riches story.

Noni is happily married to Nono, the man who gives her the ability to buy these things. They're celebrating their 50th anniversary this summer on the island they immigrated from about 60 years ago. They had nothing- Noni used to eat orange peels off the ground. Now she eats the best lobster around that my Nono cooks her and drives around in her Benz. You wish she was single ;) -anonymous Redditor

Here's another snap-purchase of a car.

Buy a brand new $60,000 BMW without hesitation. He was a Saudi dude I was tutoring in English and he needed a car. So he just bought one with the same attitude that one would have when buying a gas station sandwich. People with that kind of money are just living in another reality... -CaucasianDelegation

Can you imagine?

Most of us do weeks of research before we pick a car! And there some people are, just putting down the money and buying a car without any planning. Wow.

Then there's this "pet".

I knew a guy with a pet cheetah and he acted like it was normal. Oil money is something else, my dude. -CaucasianDelegation

This college job got interesting really fast.

So one of my b.s. jobs in college was doing door to door pamphlet bombing and collecting donations for environmental initiatives in the SF bay area. Normally, it's all-volunteer stuff, but this time they were hiring people as it was an election year. Normally, it's a goal of $30-50 per day for each person. This girl (who had done this for a year) partnered with me and she was just such a nice girl but no one was donating despite her charm. I did a few and fared no better. Finally, I knocked on a door and a dude comes out. -Nezan

And what a dude he was!

I do the script kind of half-a***d mainly because I was impressed by his sound system in his living room that I had peeked. He showed it off to us, offered us a drink and went off to get his checkbook. He comes back with his wife and she was like "ooh, let me get my checkbook too!". The guy asked us what we normally get per week for this and the girl I was with told him "on a good week, around $200-250 ". The guy makes a face and was like "Nah, that can't be right..." and hands us a check for $5000. Then his wife shows up and was like "you did 5? I'll do 6!" and gave us another check but for $6000. -Nezan

Some people are just crazy rich, I guess.

We were speechless and my partner started to cry. The guy also asked us to give him a call by the end of the week so he can follow up with our efforts. I found out later that he was a retired music producer who was super loaded but lived in a normal looking house outside of Oakland. Crazy stuff.

Edit: For our efforts, the campaign got us a fancy dinner and a small bonus from the foundation.


When your sibling gives you the hook-up.

My brother is fairly wealthy, not like super rich or anything, but he makes way more money than anyone else in the family.

He buys new stuff all the time. Like, he'll replace all the TVs in his house every year or two. They still work perfectly, but there's a new one out that's slightly better and it's apparently enough to get him to buy four or five TVs.

Most of the nice stuff I own is just stuff he gave me after he'd had it for a couple of years.


Okay, what the HECK?!

I saw someone crash a Lamborghini and 10 minutes later a driver showed up with a Ferrari and buddy drove off while his driver waited for the tow truck.

How rich do you have to be to have someone on call to bring you a new luxury car when you’re in an accident?


These are the people who can afford casinos.

A long time ago, I worked as security at a casino. I remember once watching a man bet $15k (three $5k chips) a hand at blackjack and lose literally every hand without any reaction whatsoever. He probably lost $60k in the five minutes I sat watching him.


This guy as well:

Also, there used to be an elderly guy who would come in and have the entire section of the high roller slot machines reserved for himself. He'd spend ten or twelve hours going down each row pulling handles at between $100 and $500 a spin. He would usually give advance notice that he was coming and there would be servers and attendants specifically assigned to him while he was there. -bestattemptataname

To take or not to take...this ridiculously expensive car.

Delivered a pizza to a hotel. Dude was super drunk and had a bottle of expensive scotch almost finished. Bribed me like $20 every 10 minutes to keep talking to him by literally throwing money onto a chair every few minutes. Let me try his 15k Rolex and offered me the keys to his classic car for free. Dude was boasting the whole time about owning an oil company too.

Turns out he wasn't lying when I looked him up. Still didn't want to risk a millionaire sending lawyers after me when he sobers up and realizes he gave away his car while drunk.


Surprise! It's a five-star restaurant.

My girlfriend had planned on taking me out for an expensive steak dinner, for my birthday one year. This dinner included her, her father, her brother, and myself; she had intended on paying for me and letting her family who was visiting from out of town pay for themselves. The thing was though, this was not just an Outback Steakhouse or whatever. No, this was a full-blown five-star restaurant, with all the trappings, and my country bumpkin redneck a** felt very out of place. -Sad_Sheepherder

This was the whole package:

Much to her protest though, her father ended up paying for the whole thing. All of us, he insisted. Several hundreds of dollars, and a two-hundred(!) tip, and he just nonchalantly paid it like no big deal. And incidentally, I had just met the man for the first time a few days prior.

I had the best steak I've ever eaten, my first glass of champagne, dessert, the band played "Happy Birthday", I got a hug from the owner, and all the servers waited on us like they were butlers. I'd never felt so honored. I remember before we left, her father looked me right in the eyes and said, very calmly and firmly with a smile from across the table,

"Happy birthday, Sad_Sheepherder."


It's incredible when you compare that to a usual meal out.

I heard what he said, but what I think he meant was, "Take good care of my daughter..." in that Dad kind of way. Or I'm just paranoid. Either way, I was humbled by him paying for all that. I feel shameful just for paying ten bucks at the Chinese Buffet once a week with my coworker. -Sad_Sheepherder

When you've gotta get that mulch moved NOW.

Solved a minor inconvenience by buying a truck.

I was loading my car after a Home Depot trip and a few spots over was a couple who just bought several large bags of mulch. Well, they couldn’t fit all their mulch in their E Class Mercedes so the wife told the husband to go to the car dealership across the street and buy a truck...

And that’s exactly what the husband did. He walked across the street to a Toyota dealership and bought the first used truck he saw to move the mulch.


This is a crazy vacation.

When I was a kid - around 1975 IIRC - we went on vacation to Florida. My dad's boss was rich, and let us stay in one of his condos in Vero Beach.

The place was sick. Shag carpeting everywhere (again, 1970s) and one of the closets was so big we turned it into a bedroom for one of us kids. He let us use his boat to go fishing. It was the most awesome thing we'd seen. Or so we thought.


Because this guy's house had all the works...and more.

Then we went to his home. It was nearby...somewhere around Sebastian, I think. It was on a private island. We had to have an access card to get through the back gate.

Again, in 1975. This was some science fiction stuff back then. Anyway, we get to the house, and there are shades of shag carpeting we hadn't even dreamed of. Huge windows that looked out on this impossibly green lawn sort of thing. I had no idea what golf was then, but that's what it was. Dude's house backed up to a golf course. A private golf course.

On the way through the house, we came across this television set that had this weird bunch of numbers running across the screen. It was a stock ticker. Dude had cable TV and a business channel before anyone had anything more than 3 channels. -gogojack

OMG, he had his own golf course too?

So we had some snacks, some Fresca (Fresca was mind-blowing to 10-year-old me) and went out on the golf course. There was this little river that ran between his property and the one behind his, and he stood there on the green - cigar in hand - and told us about the funniest thing he'd ever seen. A gator (again, Florida) had gotten into the river, and his neighbor lady came out of her house, curlers in her hair, broom in her hand, yelled at the gator and tried to shoo it off the property. Almost right on cue, she came out and waved. He waved back and laughed.

That's the richest thing I ever saw.


Huh. Worked out pretty well for this person!

I worked on a 124' yacht and went to look at another yacht [my boss] was interested in buying that was stored and owned by the shipyard. The broker was being a real dick so we just walked off (but he really wanted this classic) and he called the yard owner. After not getting much help he calls his legal team, tells them to "buy the whole f***ing yard".

Two weeks later and he (and his team) took possession of the yard, his new yacht (Trumpy) and several others. Told me to come with him for the management meeting and fired the f**k out of the broker.

I got my first real captain's job out of the deal.


This old man knows how to play it.

There's an old man from my area who is incredibly frugal whilst being very wealthy. He wears old, worn out suits all the time and carries a backpack instead of a briefcase.

A couple of years ago, he wanted a new car and took a taxi to a Jaguar dealership to have a look at the newest models. The sales guy looked him up and down and basically treated him with nothing but disdain because of the way he looked, eventually asking him if he really thought he could afford a Jag.

Old boy says "Come look at this" and opens the bag to show they guy it's full of new stacks of cash then calls to the taxi driver and says "Take me to the Land Rover dealership."

Tipped the taxi driver three figures for playing it cool.


Simple, yet powerful.

Pressed the lift button for his floor. And the lift opened into his apartment. -maenadery

Even legos fit into this lifestyle.

I finally got this amazing, beautiful LEGO 6990 Monorail Transport System that I had been wanting for years.

go to rich friend's house -- I see some pieces, he has it too! Let's build it.

"Naw, the pieces, they're all mixed in with the others..." so let's pick them out, right? "Naw, it'll take hours. quicker to have the maid just go buy a new set."


The ultimate power move.

And she did. she went out and bought TWO lego space monorails plus a few other sets to "fill it out"

My friend summoned with a wave of his hand more lego than I could hope for in years. He gave orders to an adult. I was astonished.


This just seems like a waste!

Refurnish an entire house with brand new, expensive designer furniture, and toss out the old designer furniture on the curb like it was broken down junk. Couches, beds, wardrobes, you name it. The old furniture was only a year old - they'd purchased it all brand new the year before. -SockInAFrockOnARock

...Is this "The Italian Job"?

Opened their safe with $350,000 cash inside. -shmumecky69

Feeling angry, might get on a plane later, IDK.

A girl I knew in high school said that she had some issues with her family so she took her backpack and booked a flight to Dubai. And the furthest place I could go when I was angry with my parents was my bedroom. -qwerty_38 Share these crazy stories with your friends!