Guy Gets Girl Away From Creepy Guy By Pretending to Know Her | 22 Words

A TikToker has become an internet hero after rescuing a woman from a creepy guy - and recording the whole experience ...

There are many frustrating things in life, but there's one thing that's pretty high up on the list...

And that's unwanted attention.

Things like wolf-whistling, for instance...

Or catcalling.

Just stop.

It's creepy, let's be honest.

But, you know what else is pretty creepy?

Getting cornered.

Well, one woman sadly knows this feeling all too well.

An exchange in a mall soon got pretty uncomfortable.

A young barista was approached by a "creepy" guy.

He was described as looking intoxicated, too.

But this is where it starts to get strange...

He wouldn't leave the woman alone - completely stopping her from getting away.

But luckily, a quick-thinking passer-by noticed.

And had an ingenious solution!

"You could tell just by her face she was quite frightened," Brandon Robert told BuzzFeed.

He confirmed she looked about nineteen-years-old.

So he decided he has to step in.

And the internet is loving it.

It seems as though this is a situation many women recognize.

Which is so frightening!

He approached the girl...


Pretending he knew her.

She played along.


​And was clearly relieved.

What a gent!


A true hero.

Here's the full video.


She was so thankful 🥺🥺

♬ original sound - Brandon Robert

Well done Brandon!