One truly terrifying TikTok has people feeling super creeped out - and once you watch, you'll see why ...

There's something about haunted houses that just seems to intrigue the hell out of people.

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Perhaps it is the unknown phenomenon that surrounds the paranormal world... or perhaps some people just enjoy being creeped out!

There isn't any concrete evidence to back up that ghosts or spirits exist...

But there are so many of us out there who believe strongly in these entities.

And even though it's nice to believe in Guardian Angels and the spirits of our loved ones...

The thought of seeing a ghost is utterly terrifying.

Which is what makes the concept of a haunted house even scarier...

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Not to mention the countless horror movies based on haunted houses!

There have been multiple reports of paranormal activity in certain properties...

And there are individuals out there who are convinced that they've witnessed a paranormal entity in their very own home.

Footage of the paranormal is always popular online.

And the latest video to go viral is no exception.

In it, a lady shows her bathroom sink.

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But something creepy is going on.

Out of the tap emerges some creepy black strands.

Is it simply mold? Or is it something more sinister?

People on TikTok have gone wild for the vid.

With many finding it super creepy and weird.

Here's the video that got everybody talking.


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Are you feeling horrified?

Alright - it's not anything supernatural.

But it is something nearly as horrifying - an enormous spider!

Did you figure it out?

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