The world of fashion is ever-changing and, while it can be host to several high-fashion trends, it can also boast a selection bizarre and all-out horrifying ensembles.

From denim underwear to see-through shorts, there are numerous things you look at and simply think "Why?"

And that's the exact same reaction we had when we came across the latest unusual fashion statement that seems to be taking the internet by storm...crochet onesies for men.

Yep, you read that correctly.

It's an unlikely combination - after all, onesies are damn right inconvenient when you want to go to the bathroom, and crochet has never really been an appealing fashion trend. But, nevertheless, crochet onesies seem to have beaten the odds and garnered quite a lot of attention online.

Keep scrolling to take a look at one of the weirdest ensembles you'll come across.

The fashion world can be a strange place.

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Over the years, fashion has been used as a form of expression, rather than simply a means to put clothes on our backs.

People love to make a statement through their clothes.

Fashion can be the perfect place to visually communicate personal identity, artistic expression, and even political messages.

Many people are desperate to keep up with the latest trends.

Whether it's wanting to look like your favorite celeb or bagging an ensemble fresh from the runway, many avid fashion-lovers take their clothes very seriously.

But sometimes, trends can get all-out weird.

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The fashion world has certainly had its stranger moments, shall we say.

There are many pieces that we simply can't unsee.

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Like platform crocs, for example. Like who actually thought this was a good idea?

And, often, the weirder the piece, the more it'll cost you.

Strangely enough, the Crocs that we just showed you would set you back over five-hundred dollars as they are courtesy of the one-and-only Balenciaga. That's ridiculous.

This summer, in particular, has been host to several head-turning fashion faux pas.

We don't know what's got into fashion designers this summer, but several fashion trends have surfaced that are definitely on the weirder side.

Men's fashion seems to be a particular target market.

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It seems like many of the weird fashion trends have been aimed at men, for some reason. Like these questionable, transparent shorts, for example.

And the next trend? Crochet onesies.

It's a ghastly combination, let's be honest. But apparently its turned into quite a popular fashion trend online.

Here they are:

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We've never seen the hype with onesies, after all, when you need to go to the bathroom, they can be quite an inconvenience.

And combining that with crochet? Well, it's not something we're likely to be adding to our shopping baskets.

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The latest venture in men's fashion is a baffling sight, to say the least.

Some of the patterns are crazy...

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They're certainly colorful. The ensembles are reportedly made with soft acrylic yarn and are handcrafted and produced in the USA.

They don't come cheap.

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One of these bad boys will set you back around $300, so you'd best get saving if you're interested in sporting one.

Each piece is different, and some are wackier than others.

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You have to admit, however strange, they're certainly creative, so hats off to the designer on that one!

The unusual ensembles are available to buy on Etsy.

via: Etsy | LordvonSchmitt

The guy also creates a whole host of other crochet-themed garments, including crochet shorts for men and even crochet underwear. Although we don't see ourselves rushing out to grab anything crochet-related, however weirdly fun they are to look at. If you're in the mood to bless your eyes with some even weirder fashion trends, look no further. Keep scrolling to see the most ridiculous fashion trends right now...