Crocs for Dogs Exist and if You Want Some You’ll Have To Stop Me Buying Them All

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The latest fashion trend to have us questioning our lives is none other than Crocs for dogs.

And we can’t get enough…

Crocs have had a pretty bad rep over the years…

But the latest creation might change your mind completely…

It’s no lie that Crocs have developed some pretty grotesque pieces.

But that hasn’t stopped people from buying them, ever.

I have always been a big fan of KFC, but that doesn’t mean I need to advertise it with friend chicken shoes.

But I would have appreciated them through my edgy emo phase back in high school, I’m sure.

But the latest release that’s got everyone talking has been designed specifically for your furry companion…

And people have a lot to say…

Now, pet owners can share matching Crocs with their pups, and it screams “I haven’t had human contact in months.”

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Amazon are selling 4 different colors of the tiny shoes.

The major difference is the size. Measuring 2.76 by 1.15 inches, so they’re ideal for the smaller pooch.

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Unfortunately, larger dogs will have to look elsewhere for a pair, but I’m sure they won’t mind.

The brand GEHARTY states that the footwear should only be used for aesthetic purposes, and shouldn’t be worn while your dog is walking. 

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So these are the perfect shoes for taking pictures or looking cute while lounging around.

The Crocs for dogs were selling on Amazon for $13…

via Amazon

But after the images of the footwear blew up online, they quickly sold out.
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