Crocs are the fashion statement that just don't seem to be going away. They have come under a lot of scrutiny and the general consensus is that they are ugly. But, despite that, they don't seem to be going anywhere.

In fact, if anything, they seem to be getting more popular. "Crocs handbags" now exist and you won’t believe how ridiculous they look.

Who are they selling them to? And what is it about Crocs that draws people in? Wait until you see the video that shows how Crocs should really be used.

Did you know that Crocs are waterproof?

Okay, so this is a pretty good feature. It means that you can wear them by the pool and it doesn't matter if they get wet. But, surely, you could also just go barefoot or wear flip flops...

Crocs are also super durable.

They're made of plastic and, although this is not good for the environment, it does mean that they last a long time. However, they really should look into making them more environmentally friendly.

They're actually perfect for trekking.

If your feet are sore from walking boots, Crocs are perfect to wear when you're taking it a little easier.

Maybe they're the perfect shoe?

Not only are they waterproof, but Crocs are constantly bragging about how comfortable their shoes are. They're made of foam and they mould to the shape of your feet. So after a long day of walking, these are the perfect shoes to slip into, apparently. Will their handbags prove to be as useful?

They come in a huge variety of colors.

The classic style comes in twenty colors and you can get them in other styles, too. But they're supposed to be durable, so why would you need so many pairs?

Crocs encourage individuality.

Crocs know that there are a lot of haters out there, but they want to encourage people to embrace their brand. With their many different styles and colors, they want to encourage people to be creative and be themselves.

They're great for kids.

Crocs are perfect for children because they can be completely personalized. As well as different colors, it's possible to buy different "Jibbitz" to decorate them. Plus, they're waterproof, durable, and comfortable. There's not much more that kids' shoes need really. And wait until you see the game that you can play with them at the end of the page!

You can get really creative.

It's even possible to buy Crocs in a plain white so that you can paint your own patterns on them. This is probably an activity that's best suited to people who are good at painting, given that it will then be on show for all to see every time you wear them, which seems to be all the time for Crocs-wearers.

They have gotten loads of celebrities to endorse their plastic shoes.

Zooey Deschanel, who was the star of New Girl and 500 Days of Summer alongside Joseph Gordon-Levitt, models for Crocs. She promotes the fact that they are comfortable and can be personalized.

Charlie's Angels endorse them.

Drew Barrymore, who has gone from the adorable child in ET, to one of Charlie's Angels, to the star of Santa Clara Diet, is another keen fan of Crocs. She's actually partnered with them and has designed some of her own limited edition Crocs.

There's a lot of celebrities promoting Crocs.

Natalie Dormer starred as Anne Boleyn in The Tudors and as Cressida in The Hunger Games, but she is perhaps best known for her role as Margaery Tyrell in Game of Thrones. Beyond this, she is a writer, a marathon runner, and a Crocs-wearer, apparently. She wouldn't have made it far in King's Landing with footwear like that...

Are Crocs going to become high-fashion?

Crocs featured at London Fashion Week on Christian Kane's runway, and there has also been a collaboration with Balenciaga at Paris Fashion Week. Could Crocs become fashionable, or is this just another one of those times that Fashion Week got it wrong? And what does this mean for their handbags?

Some people are not convinced by Crocs.

Mondays are inevitable, but no one looks forward to them. It's the same with Crocs. Just because they are highly functional, doesn't mean that we have to like them.

Socks and sandals are never okay.

Not only are Crocs big, chunky shoes made of plastic in garish colors, the brand also encourages people to wear them with socks. Sandals are not a year-round shoe, and that's okay. We shouldn't be looking for ways to bring them into winter.

Apparently, they're quite versatile.

When we think of Crocs, we mostly think of them as being clunky and functional, but this man makes them look a bit more impressive. Maybe the fact that they mould to your feet means that they really can work on multiple occasions. The next few people certainly think so.

It's good that they have each other.

We bet this couple found each other via their mutual love of Crocs. Individuality should always be encouraged, but it's nice that they have each other to wear Crocs with to prom.

A thing can be taken too far.

Regardless of how comfortable or practical Crocs are, surely everyone can agree that they are ultimately very ugly shoes. But this couple went for them on their wedding day despite all that. Presumably, they'll be one of the couples that are excited for Crocs' handbags.

Crocs are supporting the return of 90s fashion.

You've only to look around you to see that the 90s are back in fashion. Trousers are getting wider, the Spice Girls are doing a reunion tour, and platforms are starting to be seen on the streets again. Are platform-Crocs the way to bring the 90s into the new millennium?

Are Crocs winter shoes?

Okay, so Crocs are comfy, but one of the main selling points is that they are waterproof. When they're worn with socks, they lose one of their key features. So surely adding a fuzzy lining makes them less practical; then they just become ugly shoes with no benefit.

Some people need Crocs with them in every moment.

Slippers are supposed to be super comfy; they're perfect for snuggling inside, by the fire on a cold winter's day. They do not need to be cold and plastic, not even with fur lining.

Some people can carry off the Crocs look.

This is the perfect example of how to use Crocs for comic occasions. The pink theme is definitely working for this dog. And she's not the only one.

Workin' it.

This dog looks fly AF, but even though the Crocs are the perfect shape for paws, they still bring the tone of the outfit down a little.

So now they've made Crocs handbags.

The shoes are ugly, so why did they think that they would work as purses?

Again, some people can carry it off.

This girl looks adorable. She's making the Crocs handbag work to her advantage, for sure. But she's a small child wearing all pink. We don't think that an adult would get away with it quite the same.

Like the shoes, they come in multiple colors.

The handbags have really stayed true to the initial design of the shoes. They're bright, clunky and plastic, plus they have holes in them. Surely that’s not a good idea for a purse?

They're not all bad.

As with the Crocs, they do seem quite functional (aside from the holes, of course). In particular, they look very practical for the pool or beach.

The handbags aren't for everyone, though.

Despite being functional, some people just don't think that they're worth it. Apparently, not everyone wants to look like they are wearing a giant ugly shoe on their arm. Weird.

Opinions are divided.

The shoes split opinions as to whether they are amazing or terrible, and now the handbags are doing the same. Being ugly just isn't enough of a deterrent for people these days.

Could they be just what you need?

As with the shoes, they are somewhat practical, and that does make them more appealing, we guess. The more you see them, the more functional and more appealing they seem. Maybe owning one can't hurt…

This is the best use of Crocs, no doubt.

Rather than wearing them as everyday shoes, slippers, wedding shoes, or handbags, this is the best way to use your Crocs. Fill them with foam and enjoy the fun!