30 Things Reddit Thinks We’re Having a ‘Golden Age’ Of | 22 Words

Sometimes we need a little reminder that big things truly are afoot. That’s why Redditors put their heads together to figure out what we’re really living in a ‘golden age’ of, right now. See if you agree! Check out this list of golden ages that we the people are living!

We’re in a golden age of board games, for one.

It's more that the type of games have changed. The standard staples (Monopoly, Clue, Risk, Scrabble, and kids games like Candyland, Mousetrap, Hungry Hungry Hippos etc) are still around, but many of the newer games are generally considered more fun and engaging to play. Many of the older staples have problem with long playtimes, having nothing to do when other players take their turn but wait, and player elimination leaving losers to just wait for the game to end, which newer games try to avoid. There's also so many. Thanks to Kickstarter, an audience that both wants a collection and also actively chooses to play rather than just have it as a rainy day activity, and the prominence of the internet encouraging recommendations and reviews, a lot of small publishers are now able to compete in the market where it used to be an oligopoly (no pun intended), controlled by Hasbro, Parker, and Milton Bradly. Boardgaming is effectively the millennial version of getting together to play cards. While our grandparents gather for an afternoon of Bridge, and our parents might have had a Poker evening, we're playing Ticket to Ride or Pandemic. -Nambot

It’s time to reach for distant stars.

Starting with Hubble and progressing through adaptive optics, we right now are in an unprecedented, amazing, explosion of our knowledge of astronomy, and since LHC physics. Now maybe a "platinum age" will happen later, but what is happening now is almost taken for granted when it is actually profoundly historical. -soniaakhter250

So much is now accessible to us.

Kinda blows my mind I could learn about anything in the world, from biology to history, at any time from a magic box in my pocket. And yet here I am on Reddit. So to add to that I am going to say communication. -ali509

Time for a workout!

I think we are getting into the beginnings of one for exercise science, which is good and bad. As an amateur competitive cyclist, I've got more training science and more tools available to me than ever before. Every time I ride, I have six data fields displayed on my bike computer that can tell me exactly what's going on with my body. I can track my heart rate 24/7. The computer programs can look at my physical performance, recorded during my ride in 1-second intervals, and do a detailed analysis that simply wasn't possible 20 years ago. I've got more exercise science available to me via free software, blogs, and podcasts than professional cyclists with full time coaches did in the mid 90s. Not to mention, way better bike technology as well. My mid-range road bike outperforms the bikes that Lance was winning the Tour on in every way - weight, aerodynamically, rolling resistance. The downside of this is that the level of completion has increased. You show up to your first race, and there are guys in the field who train 15 hours a week all winter long with every available gadget using a scientifically optimized training regimen, and top end bike technology, and you've got to do that as well if you want to be competitive. -nalc

We saw an example of this just recently in Thailand.

This one's pretty specific, but underwater cave exploration. Cave diving got its start back in the late 60s/early 70s. It developed a reputation for being extremely dangerous, mainly due to the lack of training and general unreliability of equipment. Lots of people died and valuable lessons were learned from the causal factors. Today, equipment is extremely reliable if properly maintained. The likelihood of experiencing a major failure is slim. Training has also developed exponentially to the point where a well-trained cave diver with high quality, well-maintained equipment takes on more risk driving to the dive site than actually cave diving. As a result of this, along with technological innovation, exploration is blowing up. Highly experienced teams are laying miles of survey line at depths exceeding 300'. I've seen pictures and video of previously unexplored cave passages that have seen fewer people than the surface of the moon. There are connections waiting to be made and entirely new systems waiting to be discovered. We may have largely explored the surface of the earth, but we know very little about what's underneath the surface (as well as under the oceans). True exploration is alive and well and the only barrier to how far someone can go is how much time, effort, money, and dedication they're willing to put into it. -helodriver87 Next, one theoretical ‘golden age’ that might surprise you!

We come in peace.

PEACE. Seriously. Despite how hard the media tries to convince you that the world is going to hell, practically every trend line points to this being basically the safest and most prosperous time in history to be alive on Earth. Yes, there are still problems and still some areas of the planet that suck to live in. But on the whole, far more areas suck far less than they have before. -APeacefulWarrior

To expand on that:

France hasn't been at war with Britain since 1815....just think about for a minute. 800 years of war suddenly ending...then after 99 years they unite against Germany and been powerful allies ever since. -paulusmagintie

Music as a skill is more accessible.

Cheap musical instruments. When I was a kid (many years ago, when dinosaurs ruled the land) if you wanted to learn to play guitar you had a couple bad options. Buy a cheap guitar from a catalog. Buy a real instrument from a store. The cheap guitar sucked hundreds of monkey balls, but it came with a song-book and didn't break your family's budget. The real instrument from a store cost about the same as your first car and was a crap-shoot as far as quality was concerned. Now, you can log on to Amazon (the modern day catalog), fork out a couple hundred bucks, and get a guitar that is - while not vintage quality - playable, decent sounding, and consistent. If it arrives broken due to shipping you send it back and get another copy of the exact same specifications and quality. The cheapest Squier or Epiphone guitar you can buy online today is better than every $200 guitar you could buy in a store 25 years ago. -gogojack

When one golden age ends, another takes its place.

Convenient gas-powered cars. Nostalgia and pseudonostalgia may tug ones heartstrings towards the muscle and simplicity of the sixties and seventies. But the average ICE car today is relatively efficient, comfortable, quick, safe, and quiet. The next generation is going to be electric cars which aren't yet in a golden age, more like gestation, so the gas car is no going to be developed past a point better than it currently is. Hence, the golden age. -thepianosbeendrinkin

It’s a great time to be ‘geeky.’

Superhero movies. As a kid I dreamed about movies based on Ant-Man, Dr. Strange, and Iron Man. I never thought I'd get them, but here we are! I thought the Raimi films were the most we'd get, but now we have every character you could want. The Guardians of the Galaxy being a household name makes me happier than most things. It's a good time to be a Marvel fan. -AceBonanza You might not think of the next few items as ‘golden age’ material, but they could be!

Tastebuds have never been happier!

No one seems to have taken notice but: We are on the golden age of gastronomy. For the last two decades, the culinary world has evolved more than it did for two centuries. Just think it as a result from globalization, creation of new techniques and mixtures of flavors among many other reasons. You may have not noticed it, but just fifteen years ago it was darn hard finding foreign food spots on your nearest city, and now we are crowded with sushi bars, bistros, Italian ristorantes... It is something awesome that we ought to celebrate. -HRyujii

The future beckons…

I was reading one of E. L. Doctorow's last books and he essentially said that every age thought they were special and they did not live in preparation for us. But I really think that in some respect we are special. Maybe it's the Internet as the beginning of something far greater, maybe it's that we are among the last humans that are like their ancestors in some fundamental way and the next generation or the one after that will be essentially something other than human. -jrm2007

The world gets smaller every day.

Travel. It's never been easier or cheaper. I spent 6 months abroad this year in 12 different countries. The world is changing rapidly. Get out and see it now. -gensleuth

Got your subscriptions ready?

Television. With companies like Netflix producing original content, the shows have never been better. No longer tied to 42 mins with specific break points for commercials, the content and formats are adapting to the story, not the other way around. Plus there's no longer a week wait between shows, whole seasons are released at once, for bingeing. It truly is a golden age. -AichSmize

Is this...a golden age?

Memes. -Mostly_Underwhelming ‘Nuff said. Not all golden ages feel golden. See what else qualifies on the next page!

Message anyone at the drop of a hat.

Communication for sure. Social media has revolutionized how people keep in touch worldwide. My relationship with my best friend for instance most likely wouldn't exist, or at least get to such a level if we couldn't talk and develop it online. It kinda blows my mind thinking about it, like how many other amazing relationships went missed throughout history when there wasn't this permanent omnipresent method of communication? It makes me really thankful to be alive when I am because I honestly don't know what my life would be like if I never made and kept this relationship/bond I have with this person. Technology is f*cking crazy. -spartan117au

Privacy or information?

I would say it's the golden age of information and data. I believe we're currently at a crossroads whereby we either allow companies and the government to take more data on each and every one of us or draw a line and say no more. -overthinkingit91

Some of it isn’t so positive.

Animal extinctions. Biologists agree we are now in a period of mass extinction due to loss of habitat. -anonymous_212

Of course, history does tend to repeat itself.

Older generations used to think they were in the golden age of technology, it has evolved a crazy amount for ours, and soon we'll be the old people getting mad we can't figure out how to use the next Snapchat. -CRhora

Music is altogether more accessible, for anyone.

I think we're living in the golden age for music, at least music that has cultural weight, music that everyone knows about. As the population gets bigger and bigger, the number of bands and singers increases and the number of streaming services goes up, eventually it will be harder and harder to find bands that stick out in the mainstream. The mainstream will eventually dissolve in favor of smaller pockets of shared musical culture, and tastes will become much more focused and personal. It's already begun, with the decline of things like MTV and other centralized platforms that used to get everyone in on the phenomenon. For example, if System of a Down debuted today instead of 1998, no one would know Chop Suey except very specific groups of people who listen to that genre. -Anonymous Redditor Some golden ages represent major opportunities! Keep reading to find out what they are.

A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.

Medicine. Over the last forty years, science has been slowly building, clearing out the cobwebs of misinterpreted experiments and wrong assumptions. The ground-work of antibody technology in the 70's and 80's and the human genome project of the 90's and early 2000's is now leading to an unfettered revolution of innovation and capabilities in medicine that could not even have been dreamed of in 2010. For decades, people have asked, "when is all this investment in NIH and science in general going to result in cures for ME?". Well, the answer for that is: NOW. In 2010, Carl June, who did some of the pioneering CAR-T cell work, had to self-fund his own clinical trials. Now, 7 years later, it's completely revolutionizing cancer therapy. -GeorgeKarlMarx

Get ready, gamers!

Indie gaming. The independent video game industry has had such huge booms in the past decade that it is producing some seriously amazing stuff. In its early days, Minecraft was considered indie. Stardew Valley. To The Moon. Undertale. So much great content that deserves to get bigger. -nerdee139

Writers have myriad platforms up for use.

I would have to say 'writing'. Right now, the internet is largely free of regulations (specific countries have regulations, but the internet as a whole does not) and there are platforms everywhere to publish anything you want to write. Want to publish that Naruto/Goku fanfic? There's like 20 websites you can do that on. Want to sell a book you wrote? Throw that on Amazon, at least a few people will read it. You have to do a bit of searching, but you can find just about anything you can imagine story-wise on the internet now. And if it doesn't already exist, it's not that hard to make it yourself and put it up for everyone to see. -partofbreakfast

Self-expression, self-actualization, self-discovery…they’re all important nowadays.

We're in the golden age of "self." -harryjonathanchong

Laughter is the best medicine.

Comedy. Seriously, there are dozens of comedians with fantastic specials on differing mediums. The Top 5 Comedians right now would be a genuine debate. -hockeycanada13 On the next page, some ‘golden age’ items that actually allow us to help each other, as well as ourselves!

What’s the hot gadget nowadays?

Fidget Spinners. -DrPeekinside I mean, fair.

Everybody’s got an opinion.

"The voice of the people" or freedom of speech, but not in the American sense of " i can have my sh*tty opinions and it's OK coz I have that right" but a more general meaning. I can't really think of the best name for it but maybe 'opinions' - we're living in the golden age of opinions In a lot of ways it’s bad, for example I've been really feeling just how crazy the internet is getting lately with every small thing being blown up and matters going viral before the facts are actually out and it not really mattering because the internet is powerful as hell. A recent example is how everyone thought Microsoft was ending Paint, and everyone just heard it and got mad and it didn't matter that it was a misunderstanding, we heard about it and heard peoples opinions. And in other ways it’s good. Everyone is held accountable (whether it turns out to be a drama blown up out of nothing, or warranted), and everyone's voice is heard. However, I have a feeling it may start being policed more over time. Especially since the only tool making all this possible is the internet. Too often a story goes big and everyone gets mad even though the story is so different from reality, and big companies don't like that. Hell, they don't like it even if it's warranted. But also that makes complete sense because a reputation can be so easily destroyed over something petty. Therefore I felt that it may be right now and not in a couple hundred years, and obviously not in the past, that we are in the golden age of 'opinions'. -cactustit

DropBox, MediaFire…it’s all there for the sharing.

Free media. Call it piracy or file-sharing, almost anything can be found for free on the Internet. I can't see that lasting much longer. -samuelmania

We can help each other achieve goals.

Crowdsourcing. I mean the fact that /r/dogecoin was able to raise $30,000 to send the Jamaican bobsled team to the Olympics in such a short time was a pretty incredible feat. --eDgAR-

When you consider the past, it really puts everything in perspective.

Food. We no longer have to look for our food. As a species we spent the majority of our lives looking for food and only recently in the past couple of hundred years, in some countries at least, have we stopped having to do this. Imagine what a person from five hundred years ago would say if they saw the way we get our food now. "So you're telling me there's are thousands of places you can go and get all the food you want? You don't even need to barter for it? All you have to do is show them a card?" -Anastik Do you see a golden age happening? Share this list with your friends and see what they think!