Customer Brings 7-Eleven Worker Dinner During 16-Hour Shift

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One generous customer treated a hard-working cashier to a homemade meal, and his reaction is priceless…

TikToker, Demi Lee, shared on her page the heartwarming moment she delivered food to 7-Eleven worker after learning he was working a 16-hour shift…

According to her TikTok, which has gained over 3 million views in the last 3 days, the man at the gas station Lee stopped at didn’t believe she’d return when she promised him a plate of food.

The clip started out showing an array of hot food, with an automated voice explaining: “Went to the gas station for lighter fluid. I told the clerk I would bring him a plate before he got off work. He thought I was lying.”

Lee made ribs, mac and cheese, and beans, specially for the cashier, and rolled up the 7-Eleven towards the end of his shift, filming as she entered to capture his reaction.

“Oh my god,” said the man after recognising Lee when she came in. “I told you I was coming back,” she replied.

Lee told the worker she wanted to film his reaction for her mom, saying: “I need you to look at it because it’s hot.” The worker was clearly ecstatic after opening up the bag of ribs and immediately dove in.

“Oh damn, that looks good as s**t,” he said.

Clearly thinking that was all he was getting, Lee instructed him to “look in the other plate,” and after seeing the mac and cheese, he responded: “You’re the best.”

“I’m eating it right now,” he continued before rushing to the back of the store.

In another clip posted after, Lee could be seen heading back to the store, where the worker told her he hadn’t eaten during his shift. “I was hungry too, and I couldn’t get out of here. I had worked 16 hours that day,” he said. “You made my day.”

And people were understandibly taken aback by Lee’s kindness. One user wrote: “As a gas station worker, specifically night shift, y’all have no idea how much the smallest things mean to us. Lots of negative people walk in daily,”

  via TikTok  

Another commented: “If someone brought me food like this at work, I’d probably cry. I never get food like this since moving out of my parent’s house.”

“Over the years there’s been so many times I’ve worked the holidays because I didn’t have any kids. And when someone would bring me a plate of food that they cooked themselves, I thanked them so much, and then when they left, I went by myself and cried like a baby,” a third responded.

What an amazing thing to do!