You know how the saying goes. "The customer is always right." But if we are being honest with ourselves, we know that this concept is garbage. Customers are just people. And people are very varied. There are smart people and there are dumb people. And even the dumb people are customers.

The photos in this collection are proof — hard proof — that the customer is definitely not always right. In fact, they can be so wrong it is laughable. Hopefully, laughing is exactly what these photos will make you do. From people who don't understand what mouse pads are to ones who make insanely bad dad jokes to those who clearly mistake a light bulb for something else, this list has all manners of severely deficient customers. If you do not find these scenarios ridiculous, chances are you are the customer who is wrong, the one people take stealthy pictures of and put on the internet.

Retail and customer service employees who have to deal with customers have some of the hardest jobs in the world.

Basically, people are dumb. Customers are dumb. And they are definitely not always right.

Reason for return

This person, um, didn't know that Legos came in pieces. That's like, the whole point of them. Who is this person?

"Leave packages under mat"

To be fair, whoever delivered the package did adhere to the instructions. It's not really going to do any good.

The whole dang stack

Has this person never shopped in a store before? This really is amazing.

Mousepad review

I don't know what this person thought a mousepad was, but yes, it's compatible with every computer.

Blinker fluid

This thing is, you don't actually fill the lightbulb with blinker fluid to make it work. It does not work that way.

The upside-down pizza

from Unexpected
This is so hilarious. How high do you think this person was when they messaged Domino's?

Not the discount you're looking for

Literally, two signs in the picture you posted say 30 percent off. Why would you think it was 60?

Life-size planet

from facepalm
Do you know how big a model of Jupiter would have to be to be "life-size?" It wouldn't fit on planet Earth.

Bad tippers

from funny
This is 100 percent what bad tippers deserve. Tipping nothing is bad, but that $6.50 on a $200 bill is possibly even worse.

"Is this an actual leaf"

from facepalm
People at Chipotle finding bay leaves in their food and not knowing what bay leaves are is a whole thing, apparently. It makes me weep for humanity.

Leaking when it rains

from facepalm
Yes, this customer actually complained about how it leaks into their car when it rains and the sunroof is open, but it doesn't leak when the sunroof is closed.

Laser-free food

from facepalm
This does not surprise me one bit. You come across the most interesting (read: infuriating) people while shopping at Whole Foods.

Bulges and curves

from funny
The people who leave questions about products on Amazon are like a whole separate species. I want to understand them.


from funny

The radio is too loud

That was, apparently, a grown woman who didn't know you could turn down the volume on a car radio.

NOT marijuana

from funny
It seems like this retailer faces a lot of questions from stoner patrons who believe that this store would be selling weed out of a giant glass jar on the counter.

"Customer disagrees with physics"

from funny
There is no arguing with a person who doesn't see logic or science. It's supremely frustrating, but there's nothing you can really do.

Free sample

from funny
It's amazing that people think they can get free samples of whatever they want. Amazon definitely doesn't work like that.

Pride and joy

OK, this one isn't terrible, but it is the eye-rolliest dad joke I have ever encountered. He really has that laminated picture in his wallet just for this bit.

"C'mon man"

from Unexpected
I love the idea of a Little Free Library so much. It's my goal to have one someday. But I hope there's no lady who steals the books out of it multiple times. That's terrible!

Coffin of equipment

from funny
This is quite an expensive bit and a commitment to letting this company know that they won't need their services anymore.

"Two skeletons making out"

from funny
This is the most hilarious and detailed and weird description of a rattling sound. I'm glad it's immortalized on paper forever.

One-star review

from facepalm
Hmm, it sounds an awful lot like this person complained with the goal of getting a free piece of cheesecake. I'm glad it didn't work out for them.

Pumping gas

Unless this person is from New Jersey (where it's full service only or was until recently), they should know that you have to hold the pump to actually let gas flow. She'll figure it out eventually.

400 lb. scale

from funny
This person has to be joking, right? There's no way they think the actual scale weighs 400 lbs. Right?

Perfect gift

Wow, this product review took a crazy turn, and now I need to learn everything about this couple.

Best by date

from facepalm
Oh nooooo! Oh no! You don't have to wait for the date on the milk! That's the best by date, as in it's best to use it before that date. Ahhh this kills me inside.

"Just kidding don't write that"

from funny
To be clear though, I think "Just kidding don't write that" is supposed to go on the cake. This is way too confusing.

Three orders of mozzarella sticks

from funny
This isn't a terrible customer. This is all of us, sometimes. Share this with someone who has had to deal with customers being totally wrong!