Valentine's Day will be here before you know it!

While it's always fun to celebrate the holiday with your significant other, Valentine's Day is also super fun when you have kids! After all, Valentine's Day is all about love, and you obviously love your children!

We've found a bunch of fun, easy, and adorable craft projects you can do with your kids to celebrate together. You could even adapt some of them to make valentines for them to give to their friends and classmates! Most of the crafts can be completed with stuff you probably already have around the house or can easily pick up at a craft store (or even the dollar store). So grab those pipe cleaners and googly eyes, and let's get down to business and celebrate the candy-filled, lovey-dovey holiday by doing some amazing kid-friendly craft projects.

1. Heart Antenna Headband

This headband is easily put together with a piece of cardstock, some pipe cleaners, and craft foam. A lot of craft stores carry pre-cut craft foam with peel-and-stick backing. That could make this easy craft even easier if your little ones have short attention spans.

2. Valentine Crowns

All you need for this crown is some construction paper or cardstock and ribbon! (Psst! You could easily make similar crowns for other holidays — just use a different shape!)

3. Clothespin Stamps

Glue heart-shaped pieces of craft foam to clothespins and let your kids use them as stamps! You could use these to make homemade wrapping paper or to create a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

4. Stained Glass Heart

Use waxed paper to create a frame for this craft. Glue some pieces of tissue paper to it, then hang it up on your window and watch it glow in the sunlight.

5. Birdfeeder Hearts

This one is for the birds! Stick some cereal onto a pipe cleaner, then bend it into a heart shape, add a piece of twine, and hang it up outside.

6. Puzzle Piece Plaque

You can get used puzzles for super cheap at most thrift stores. They'll probably be missing pieces, but that doesn't matter if you're just using them to create a little decorative plaque like this one! Give the puzzle pieces a coat of paint and arrange them into a heart shape.

7. Heart Wreath

Construction paper, and staples. That's it! That's all you need for this festive wreath!

8. Love Goggles

Fashion yourself a pair of love goggles with a few pipe cleaners! This craft only takes a few minutes and is great to keep little hands busy in the car!

9. Paper Plate Hats

Who knew paper plates could make for such excellent headwear? Have your kids paint their plate hats or decorate them with stickers. Or glitter if you're feeling especially adventurous.

10. Heart Pencil Toppers

Here's yet another fun Valentine's Day project using pipe cleaners. Who knew those things could be so handy?

11. Thumbprint Bud Vases

I love this idea because it's something you can keep forever and use to celebrate every year! How sweet would it be to present your partner with some flowers in this hand-decorated vase?

12. Love Pizza

Hey, nobody said you had to stick to traditional Valentine crafts! Everybody loves pizza — what better way is there to celebrate love?

13. Heart Hands Card

Some careful tracing and cutting results in an awesome card that captures your child's handprint and their love!

14. Yarn-Wrapped Hearts

These would look so darling as a garland if you made a bunch of them! They'd also make great gifts for grandparents!

15. Toilet Paper Tube Stamping

Don't throw away those toilet paper tubes! Use them (or paper towel tubes) to create custom heart-shaped stamps!

16. Salad Spinner Art

Drop a cardstock heart into your salad spinner, squirt on some acrylic paint, then put on the lid, and give it a spin! The result is a cheery piece of art that just happens to be a lot of fun to make, too.

17. Coffee Filter Heart Art

Have your kids add some dots to a coffee filter heart using washable markers. Then, drip water onto the coffee filters. The dye from the markers will begin to run and create a beautiful tie-dye pattern. These look so pretty taped up in the window!

18. No-Sew Heart Pillow

Make these pillows tiny for a dollhouse or pet, or recreate them on a bigger scale for your couch or bed! All you need is some felt and stuffing.

19. Thumbprint Glass Magnets

You can usually find glass stones like these at the dollar store. All you need to do is create the thumbprint hearts on a bit of cardstock or paper, glue them onto the back of the glass stones, and add a magnet to the back.

20. Paint Chip Bookmarks

Get a heart-shaped hole punch and a bunch of paint chips, then let your kids create these bookmarks for their classmates! A little bit of ribbon at the top takes these bookmarks to the next level.

21. Paper Plate Lacing Card

Cut a heart-shaped hole in the center of a paper plate, then use a hole punch to add lacing holes around the edge of the heart. Let your child thread yarn through the holes and create these awesome works of art.

22. Tin Foil Hearts

This one is super simple! Cut a heart out of tin foil and let your kids decorate with permanent markers. They can add some extra texture by "drawing" on the foil with a dull pencil (use a piece of foam from a takeout box underneath)!

23. Heart Butterflies

With just a little bit of imagination, clothespins and paper can easily become adorable butterflies!

24. Valentine's Windsock

Use a tin can and streamers or pieces of ribbon to create a festive windsock you can hang outside. For an inside version, you can use a toilet paper tube and crepe paper.

25. Love Bug

If your kid is super into spelling their name, this love bug craft is perfect! Let them write the letters of their name on each section of the "bug," then glue it all together and add some googly eyes for good measure.

26. Heart Panda

We see plenty of hearts for Valentine's Day, but not too many pandas! Maybe this year is the time to change that.

27. Heart Name Puzzle

Make a puzzle using the letters of your child's name, or have them write a special message of love for the gift-receiver to put together!

28. Paper Plate Pouch

Make a little pouch by lacing two paper plates together. Depending on the age of your child, they can do the lacing themselves or just decorate it once it's complete.

29. Pipe Cleaner Decor

Once you bend pipe cleaners into hearts, there's really no limit to the decorations you can make. I like the beads that have been added to this one! This little masterpiece would be so cute dangling in a doorway!

30. Paper Heart Chandelier

With some paper hearts and string, you can create your very own chandelier! You can use an embroidery hoop for the top to hold the strings in place! Share this with someone who loves to celebrate Valentine's Day with their kiddos!