The 30 Cutest and Most Hilarious Pet Outfits You Can Buy on Chewy

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As most pet owners probably already know, clothes shopping isn’t exclusively for humans anymore. Dogs and cats have plenty of options out there on the market too, but where should you look for the best pet outfits and costumes?

Well, not to worry: we’ve put together a handy list of the best outfits for sale on popular pet merchandise website Chewy. There’s a wide range of clothing to choose from, but don’t get overwhelmed. This list includes options for every season and situation, whether you’re simply taking your dog for a walk or taking them on a full-blown vacation. With cute shirts, warm hoodies, and useful gadgets for outdoor use, your pup will want for nothing. So check out the best pet outfits and costumes on Chewy!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

All dogs deserve a nice, cozy sweater.

This Blue Unicorn Dog Sweater is cute and cool-looking to keep your pup looking fresh, but it’s also got some real benefits for them: it’s insulated, so it’ll keep your dog warm during colder weather. It’s also easy to put on, and works for outdoor activity, meaning your dog won’t ruin it even if they’re running around sniffing things for a while.

And what about making sure your dog is buoyant?

Sure, dogs are generally strong swimmers. But there’s nothing wrong with making sure your dog is safe while they frolic adorably in the water. That’s why getting them a Dog Life Jacket is the best way to give you peace of mind, and them all the time to splash around that they want.

And who said babies were the only ones who could wear adorable jammies?

Because actually, so can cats and dogs. And when you get to see them curl up for the night in a super sweet pair of Dinosaur PJs, your heart is definitely gonna melt from all that cute.

Keep your pup dry on long walks.

What do you do when it rains, but your dog still needs their walk? After all, dealing with that wet dog smell really isn’t fun, and keeping a wiggly pup under an umbrella isn’t the most efficient option either. The Ducky Dog Raincoat is an adorable way to make sure your dog stays comfortable when you take a walk during rainy days.

Make your dog feel like royalty.

You already treat them like royalty, right? May as well go the whole hog and formally elevate them to the position of a princess with this adorable Princess dress.

Does your dog have heartwarming protective instincts?

Some dogs, even without being told, will take on the job of “security guard” for the rest of the family. They vet all newcomers to the house, they follow you around, they make sure you’re safe after you disappear for a few minutes. It’s insanely touching. So, if your dog has already given themselves the job, why not go the rest of the way and give them something of a credential? This Security Dog (and Cat) shirt makes the whole thing look way more official.

Here’s another pair of themed jammies that are TOO cute.

Dinosaurs not suiting your taste? Then, for your consideration, check out this equally precious set of Firetruck Rescue PJs for cats and dogs. They totally fit with that whole aforementioned “I’ll protect my family” thing that most pets have going at some point, and they look super comfy too.

Celebrate birthdays in style.

On birthdays, getting cake and some funny hats is a pretty classic move. And dogs can have that too; plenty of bakeries make doggie sweet treats these days, and then there’s this adorable Birthday Cake hat that your dog can wear on their special day!

Dogs can have tacky vacation shirts too!

Oh, you thought humans were the only ones who could go on vacation with those wonderfully lurid Hawaiian camp shirts? Nope. Turns out, so can dogs. So the next time you’re heading off to the beach, or on vacation, consider letting your dog in on the fun with a classy Pineapple Hawaiian shirt.

Is your dog a bit of a helion?

If so, then, well, you may as well have some fun with it. This Little Rebel Dog Shirt is easy to fit on your dog and easy to clean if they get it dirty (which, let’s face it: if they are a little rebel, they’ll get it dirty). It also comes in enough sizes to fit pretty much any breed of dog!

This DayPak for dogs is insanely useful.

This lightweight DayPak for Dogs allows you and your dog to safely transport a few essentials in a saddlebag-style harness that fits on your dog. It’s also got a clip for attaching a leash, and the bags can store toys, treats, and other day-tripping necessities.

Make your dog the hit of any pool party.

Spring is well underway and summer is coming; while public pools will probably be out of the question this year, those of you with private pools can turn your dog into the perfect little lifeguard with this Frisco Lifeguard on Duty Shirt. Then again, it could also be a cute costume come Halloween, or any other occasion where your dog needs to suit up in a little costume!

These booties are a little more stylish.

If you’re looking for some puppy footwear that screams “my dog is chic,” then check out these Tan and Brown Faux Shearling Booties. They’re fashionable, sure, but they’re also made to keep your dog’s feet warm during the winter or wet weather. They’ve also got non-skid soles, so they still work great for playing outside.

Dogs like puns, right?

Well, regardless, if YOU like puns, then this cute little shirt is a great fit. This easy to wear, easy to clean Bad to the Bone Shirt will also fit most dog breeds in all of its different sizes, so any dog can show some adorable attitude.

Also, cats can dress up too.

Cats are also capable of wearing adorable costumes as much as dogs, as you can clearly see. This Formal Cat (and Dog) Bandana gives your pet a formal touch, whether you’re hosting a dinner party or celebrating Halloween. But do you really need a special excuse to put it on your pet? Look how cute it is!

The perfect 4th of July outfit.

This easy to put on, machine washable USA Love Shirt is the perfect outfit for a 4th of July party, or even just for celebrating the coming summer.

Having a football watch part?

Your dog can be one of the main events if they’re wearing a catchy Mesh NFL Jersey! Just think of how cute they’d loo, walking around like they’re part of the team.

Yes, dogs can dress up for weddings too!

This Wedding Bandana is easier to put on than most of the other things on this list, being a simple piece of fabric that you can tie loosely around your dog’s neck. So if you’re going to a wedding (or having your own), why not get your dog in on the formal atmosphere?

Who doesn’t love a good, comfy hoodie?

This Cool Pup Hoodie isn’t just called that because it’s a hip little outfit for your dog. It’s also made from fabric that is literally designed to keep your dog cool when wearing it. Combining that with the fact that the hoodie is easy to wash and put on, and you’ve got a solid addition to your dog’s wardrobe.

Dogs deserve to feel fancy sometimes, too.

With a leash hole, little gold buttons to accentuate the look, and a black bowtie to complete the ensemble, this Formal Dog Tuxedo is perfect for those occasions when you want to dress your dog up to the nines.

Get your Star Wars on with this shirt.

Do you think wearing this Yoda Dog Shirt will transmit a little bit of the special Yoda wisdom to your dog? Well, it’s worth a shot. The shirt is made from CVC jersey fabric–which is nice and soft, if you haven’t felt it before–and comfortable for dogs to wear.

Have your dog lookin’ groovy!

Get your dog situated with another nice summery look with this Tye Dye Print Tee. It’s lightweight enough that you don’t have to worry about it bothering your dog during most types of weather, and best of all, it comes with a handy little pocket!

And if you’re more of a Leia fan (because who isn’t), then try this shirt!

This soft and lightweight Leia Dog Tank is the perfect casual outfit for your dog, whether they’re lounging around the house for the day or off saving worlds in a galaxy far, far away.

Make your walks as safe as possible.

Road safety is important, and when you’re taking your dog for walks along a road–whether it’s daytime or night–you need to make sure that cars will be able to see you coming. That’s where this Ultra-Reflective Safety Vest comes in. It comes in two bright colors that’ll stand out even in sunlight, and the vest is totally reflective, so it’ll be hard to miss your dog even at night.

Your dog can wear these Star Wars shirts for the next Mandalorian season premiere!

Because seriously, Star Wars fans are all well and good, but dogs dressed up as Star Wars fans are absolutely heart-melting. So if you’re more of a Han Solo/Millenium Falcon fan, then this Millenium Falcon Shirt is the doggie apparel for you!

The only thing better than a hoodie is a full-body hoodie.

This Full-Body Warm-Up Hoodie was actually inspired by yoga clothes! So not only is it designed to be comfortable, but it’s also designed to repel body moisture and sweat while banishing odor-causing microbes from your dog! Perfect for days when you know your dog will be engaging in a bunch of physical activity.

Here’s another fun costume idea!

If you’re a big Rick and Morty fan, then why not set your dog up with this cute Rick Jacket Shirt? It’s sure to be a hit as a costume, and it comes with a button for you to clip a leash into so that you don’t have to remove it for walks.

Protect your pooch with this collar.

Does your dog tend to overheat sometimes in warm weather? Then consider the Cooling Dog Collar. All you have to do is soak it in water and then wrap it around your pup. It’ll protect them from heat stress by mimicking the effects of sweating, keeping your dog safe–especially on long walks or adventures.

Complete the raincoat look with some weather-appropriate footwear.

So you’ve got the raincoat, but what about your dog’s paws? That’s what these awesome Waterproof Booties are for. Plus, they don’t only have to be used when it’s raining. You can bust ’em out when you’re taking your dog on a long walk, or on a mountain hike, to protect their feet.

Who knew dog goggles were a thing?

Nevertheless, they do exist, and they’re a surprising hit on Chewy! These Dog Goggles are for any kind of hardcore activity outside: riding in cars or motorbikes, playing in the sun, and they’re also ideal for a dog with any kind of sensitive eyes or eye disorders. Love this piece? Stay tuned for the best-reviewed pet products on Chewy for all your furry friends!