D.L. Hughley Collapses on Stage in Nashville | 22 Words

Shocking news just in. Legendary comedian, D.L. Hughley collapsed on stage just hours ago.

The comedian was performing in Nashville to a sold out crowd when he suddenly went limp and dropped to the floor.

Hughley was put onto a stretcher and rushed to hospital.

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D.L. Hughley collapsed on stage.

One of the most popular comedians at the minute, D.L. Hughley collapsed on stage last night while performing.

Hughley is a legendary comic.

And he's probably best known as the original host of BET's ComicView from 1992-1993.

But that's not all.

Many others will remember Hughley, who was born in 1963, for his roles in sitcom, The Hughley's, and as one of the Big Four comedians in The Original Kings of Comedy

He was born in Virginia.

Born in Virginia in 1963, Hughley's life wasn't always comical.

His family moved to LA.

And that's when things really got out of hand for the young Hughley.

He joined the Crips.

Hughley claims that he was a member of the notorious street gang, The Crips.

He was also expelled from school.

In his teenage years, Hughley was also expelled from San Pedro High School.

But he got his life back on track.

And before moving into a comedy career, Hughley found employment with the Los Angeles Times.

And then slowly he made his way into comedy.

However, it's not only comedy that Hughley has tried his hand at.

He's also been in dozens of films.

Such as Scary Movie 3, Inspector Gadget, and Soul Plane.

And he's written three books.

1) I Want You to Shut the F*** Up: How the Audacity of Dopes Is Ruining America. 2) Black Man, White House: An Oral History of the Obama Years 3) How Not to Get Shot: And Other Advice From White People

He's almost 60 years old.

Yet he's still working his ass off doing countless live shows every months.

That's why he collapsed.

Appearing at a Nashville club, Hughley went limp and passed out cold.

Everything was fine to begin with.

And the full crowd had been enjoying Hughley's anecdotes and jokes.

But then something changed.

At around 11pm, his breathing became heavy, and he stopped talking.

A security guard handed him a bottle of water.

But it was too late. A minute later and Hughley passed out cold.

Thankfully he didn't hit the deck too hard.

As Hughley's manager noticed something wrong was going on and ran on stage to break his fall.

He was carried off stage.

Eventually an ambulance arrived which rushed him to hospital.

It was serious enough.

As Hughley wasn't allowed to leave the hospital with doctors wanting him to stay there overnight.

An update has been given.

And thankfully it's positive news. According to D.L.'s rep, he's going to be okay.

The rep explained:

[He was] suffering from exhaustion after all the week's work and travel, and was kept overnight at the hospital for tests under doctor's orders. He is awake and feeling better, and wishes to thank everyone for the very kind prayer and thoughts.

Thank goodness.

Check out the footage of Hughley's collapse above...