Dad Accused of Cheating After Father’s Day Card Mix-up

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A dad was recently caught up in a very sticky situation and was accused of cheating after he was mistakenly sent the wrong Father’s Day card.

Darren Wilson was due to receive a Fathers Day card in the post from Darcy, one of his 6 children.

But instead receiving a card from Darcy, Darren received a strangers card after the wrong card was put into the wrong envelope.

The card that Darren received featured an image of a young baby.

The card also included the message “Happy 1st Father’s Day Pops!” which coincidently, is the same nickname his real children call him.

Darren’s partner, Kerry was the first to find the card and of course, she presumed the worst.

And in a fit of rage, Kerry smashed up Darren’s TV, laptop, and phone.

As per the Mirror, Darren said: “It arrived Monday morning addressed to me. I was at work when my partner opened it. She is a bit paranoid as fifteen years ago I was a bit of a naughty boy. But I’ve changed now.”

“And there it was. A card with a little boy or a little girl on it, no older than six months with ‘Pops’ written on it.
“If it were a generic Father’s Day card it wouldn’t be so bad but my kids call me Pops. It didn’t have Mark, Paul or John written on it but the nickname all my kids call me.
“Needless to say she had gone absolutely ballistic. Of course it’s not her fault she’s suspicious because I was a naughty boy 15 years ago.

Explaining her actions, Kerry explained, “I was just full of anger and tears. There was a mix of everything going on. I have trust issues anyway as there’s been cheating on both sides.”

“I just thought ‘Oh God not again’ and what with it being a young baby it must have happened recently. I’m firey anyway. I was just chucking anything I could find. I went to get his phone to check messages but it was locked with a password so I ended up smashing it.”

The company that made the mistake have since apologised to Darren and offered a refund, however, he believes they “need to be taken to task on this.”

“It’s a simple process. It’s not rocket science. I’ve heard of Moonpig but Funky Pigeon means nothing to me. To them, it’s a simple mistake but to me, it’s life-threatening,” he said.
“Because they haven’t done their job right it’s causing me grief. They said they’ll send me the card my daughter was originally going to send for free but what is that in a way of an apology?”
Well, let’s hope Darren’s partner learns to fully trust him soon!