This Dad Asked the Internet for Help After His Wife Refused to Vaccinate Their Baby

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Parenthood brings with it many decisions. And sometimes you and your partner will disagree with one another. Heck, in marriage this is common, we all know that. But when you bring kids into the mix, it’s important to be on the same page, especially when it comes to child rearing.

After your baby is born, you will start making choices immediately for her well-being. And sometimes you and your partner will disagree on the outcome.

One dad recently looked to the Internet — namely Reddit — seeking help from his fellow Redditors for advice on how he could get his daughter vaccinated without his wife’s consent.

Redditor PinkyStinky1945 and his wife recently had a child.

His post states, “Title says it all. We’ve been married for 3 years now. She’s always been one for quirky, ‘against-the-grain’ thinking and interests… but now there’s this anti-vax BS.”

Interestingly enough, their baby did receive a couple of vaccines after her birth.

“Shortly after birth (because this was pre-brainwashing) our child received her Vitamin K shot, and the Hep-B vaccine. However, now she’s refusing to give our child any of the other vaccines.”

His wife claims that her “mother instinct” is telling her vaccines are bad.

“I’m the mother here, this is a mothers instinct, I know I’m right, a mother knows best, etc etc etc…”

But what about his fatherly right?

They live in the state of Florida and he is not sure what his rights are in this situation. He also doesn’t want to do something against his wife’s back. And we applaud him for that.

Many chimed in on this thread.

And said if he wants to vaccinate his daughter, he has every right to do so! In which he does.

But again, he doesn’t want to hurt his wife in the process.

This is a legit concern. Especially since his wife would find out about this since it will be on their daughter’s record at the pediatrician’s office — not to mention the state is notified as well. There would be no way to hide this.

He has people on his side in this thread.

One Redditor even said who cares if it costs your marriage? You could save your child from a serious disease.

But Redditor, PinkyStinky1945 doesn’t want it to come to that ultimatum.

And can you blame him? If he chooses the well-being for his daughter, it could cost him his marriage. And then his daughter would be raised in two households.

Some users dismissed his marriage concern.

And reiterated that if he wants to vaccinate, then just do it.

Ouch! People can be so blatant!

It’s wise to consider all possible outcomes.

It’s easy to say what you would do in this situation.

This is a good point made. But it doesn’t resolve how his wife would react.

Scare tactics might be helpful.

Of course, it could backfire on him as well. And from the sounds of it, his wife has already done her research.

One Redditor suggested that this disagreement is already a sign of an unhealthy relationship.

But, I disagree. Being a parent myself, my husband and I have disagreed on similar issues. And while my husband disagreed with my decision — it certainly didn’t ruin our marriage.

He left us with his last edit that indicated he was going to talk with his wife once more about the topic.

And if she still disagrees, he said he will just take his daughter to get her vaccines without her knowledge. But, as mentioned earlier, we know his wife will find out.

According to the Washington Post, the percentage of young children not receiving vaccines has quadrupled since 2001.

In a post from October 2018, the popular site stated that the percentage of children under 2 years old who haven’t received any vaccinations has quadrupled in the last 17 years, according to federal health data.

The article further states that most parents choose to vaccinate.

“The vast majority of parents across the country vaccinate their children and follow recommended schedules for this basic preventive practice.”

But there has been an upswing in vaccine refusal. And it is causing harm.

“Some diseases, such as measles, have made a return in the United States because parents in some areas have failed to vaccinate their children.”

Measles can be very serious.

According to the CDC: About 1 in 4 people in the U.S. who get measles will be hospitalized. 1 out of every 1,000 people with measles will develop brain swelling, which could lead to brain damage. 1 or 2 out of 1,000 people with measles will die, even with the best care.

The more common symptoms include fever, rash, runny nose, and red eyes.

And measles is very contagious. The website says, “It is so contagious that if one person has it, 9 out of 10 people around him or her will also become infected if they are not protected.”

Measles was declared eliminated from the U.S. in 2000 thanks to a highly effective vaccination program.

But, “every year, measles is brought into the United States by unvaccinated travelers (Americans or foreign visitors) who get measles while they are in other countries. Anyone who is not protected against measles is at risk,” says the CDC.

The best way to prevent your child from getting this disease is to vaccinate.

Any pediatrician will tell you that the best protection against measles is getting the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine. This vaccine is administered in two doses: at age 12 to 15 months and then again between the ages of 4 and 6.

There is a small population of people who refuse to vaccinate their children at all.

And the reasons vary for everyone; however, it’s usually due to religious reasons, safety concerns, and personal beliefs.

Keep in mind that all states have their own requirements for school-aged children and young children going to daycare.

If you’re an anti-vaxxer, it is important that you are aware of your state’s requirements. Some states only provide a medical or religious exemption. If you are unsure of the requirements where you live, you can check it out here.

Your pediatrician can also refuse to see your child.

That’s right! According to a survey published in the journal Pediatrics1 in 5 pediatricians reject patients. The main reason? Parents are choosing not to vaccinate their children.

And there is proof that vaccines save lives.

Today, immunizations are one of the success stories of modern medicine. “Smallpox was declared eradicated from the world in 1977. Polio was officially eliminated from the United States and the rest of the Western Hemisphere in 1991. Whereas 13,000 to 20,000 cases of polio were reported every year in the United States before the availability of the vaccine, no cases were reported in 2000!”

Do you remember your grandparents talking about polio and diphtheria?

“While there were 12,230 deaths from diphtheria in the United States in 1921 (long before the availability of a vaccine), there was only 1 case of diphtheria reported in 1998.”

The evidence is there. And yet, there will always be folks who disagree with science.

There are many social media sites where people come together for the anti-vax movement.

You can’t help but empathize with this dad.

He is simply looking at the facts. He believes — like the majority of Americans — that vaccines ward off serious diseases.

We can only hope that he makes the best decision for his family.

And that his marriage stays intact.