Dad Bans Parents From Babysitting Daughter After They ‘Permanently Damaged Her Body’

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A dad has taken to Reddit to explain why he’s banned his own parents from babysitting his infant daughter…

After they “permanently damaged her body.”

Scroll on to find out what they did…

Now, when it comes to leaving our children in the hands of other adults…

We can tend to get a little over protective… which is natural, of course!

This is why many moms and dads often rely on their own parents to babysit their children…

Because nobody knows better than mom and dad, right?!

Well, one dad was recently left horrified after his parents babysat his infant daughter…

Because they “permanently damaged her body” while he was away.

The dad, who has remained anonymous, took to Reddit to share his problem…

And people have had very strong opinions on the matter.

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The dad started his thread by explaining that he and his fiancée share their 9-month-old daughter, Thalia, together.

“Everyone in our family has been coming around more to see her… but 2 months ago, we stopped talking to my parents after they pulled some s***,” he explained.

“We basically decided it was gonna be up to Thalia when she older if she wants to get her ears pierced,” he wrote, which is something many parents do when it comes to piercing their children’s ears.

“Tbh, I was never into the idea of it being done as a baby when they can’t consent like my fiancée’s parents pierced her ears when she was a baby and she always hated wearing earrings. Still doesn’t wear any.”

His parents just couldn’t understand why he didn’t want to pierce his daughter’s ears.

“Just like every other parent, that was our decision not to do it while she’s a baby. My parents didn’t shut up about it for a while saying ‘she’d look so cute.’ But we told them already no and that’s our answer.”

But shortly afterward when his parents babysat Thalia for him, they went behind his back and pierced her ears anyway.

“When they babysat for us once they got one of my mom’s friends to do it and we were f****** p***** they went behind our backs. We stopped talking to them after that for disrespecting our decision. Everyone was saying we were making a big deal and we can’t cut them out of their granddaughter’s life over something like that.”

“So we decided they’re allowed to only see Thalia when one of us is around and they won’t be left alone with her.”

“That’s where everyone is still saying we’re being massive a**holes because we’re still punishing them over something that’s not a big deal and we’re treating them like children,” he explained.
“Even my fiancée’s parents think that only letting them have supervised visits is too much and they should be allowed to babysit or have Thalia at their place alone like before.”

He finished the thread with:

“We’re still not wanting to change our minds on our conditions so it’s pinning everyone against us. Are we being a**holes that we just don’t trust them alone with her and rather one of us be there always?”

Do you think the dad is overreacting?

Or do you think it was totally out of line for his parents to go behind his back and pierce his baby girl’s ears?