‘Dad Bods and Rescue Dogs’ Calendar Raises Money for Lucky Bulldogs Rescue | 22 Words

2020 is almost upon us which means it's time we started thinking about getting a calendar. 

I mean how are we going to know what day it is, remember when we're going on holiday and that it's your turn to pick the kids up, if we are calender-less?

Fear not, dear friends. I have found the ultimate calendar for 2020.

Last year I pretty much aced it with a 90's icon affair but 2020 is going to be the year to celebrate rescue dogs and dad bods. 

Do you feel me? Continue scrolling for sneak peeks...

Lucky Bulldogs Rescue is giving people want they want.

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And by that, I mean they are the clever cookies behind the dad bods and rescue dogs calendar concept.

Sorry Scotty, you're too late...

The guys at Lucky Bulldogs Rescue have already made their dad bod calendar, and it features cute rescue dogs so you may as well think again.

The work they do really is remarkable.

Over at the rescue, the teamwork tirelessly to help abandoned bulldogs and bring them back to health. This before and after just shows what a difference this charity is making.

Take my money.

If like me you've been struggling with your Christmas shopping this year, worry no more. You can get everyone you know one of these wicked calendars and you can rest easy knowing all the profits go to charity.

Just doing my bit...

You know, for the rescue dogs... obviously not just buying for the sweet, sweet dad bods.

Let's just take a moment to appreciate this concept...

So we've got the beautiful, beautiful rescue dogs...

With a scattering of dad bod...

I'd say this calender's concept sounds like a win, win, don't you? But are the pictures as good as the concept...That is the question.

Hey there, January.

via: Lucky Bulldogs Rescue

It looks as though 2020 is going to get off to a chilly start... at least you'll have your hot new calendar to make you feel all warm and mushy inside.

February brings a bundle of joy...

via: Lucky Bulldogs Rescue

In the form of this absolutely adorable rescue pup.

In March, we march...

via: Lucky Bulldogs Rescue

Or at least there is no longer any excuses to take the dog on a long walk... because it's not that cold anymore.

Easter bunnies...

via: Lucky Bulldogs Rescue

In April we celebrate the chocolate egg season- which we, of course, will not feed our cute rescue pooches.

May showers.

via: Lucky Bulldogs Rescue

Expect things to get a bit wet and wild this May time.

So soft.

via: Lucky Bulldogs Rescue

Ease into June with this adorable snap of a young rescue. Who knew pooches looked so cute with lil glasses on?

Mans best friend.

via: Lucky Bulldogs Rescue

We celebrate friendship in July. Your calendar will inspire you to get outside and have a picnic with your special guy.

What is it about dogs in bowls?

via: Lucky Bulldogs Rescue

I mean, the guys over at Lucky Bulldogs Rescue thought the concept of little dogs in big bowls was so cute, they did it 2 months on the trot...

A decision I back 100%.

via: Lucky Bulldogs Rescue

This one is my favorite though... the month of August sure looks bright.

This one is a work of art.

via: Lucky Bulldogs Rescue

Get ready to embrace Fall with this artistic dad bod, rescue dog crossover episode.

It's Chriiistmaaas...

via: Lucky Bulldogs Rescue

Again. And we are certainly unlikely to forget this year with the iconic Christmas dad bod/ rescue dog festive spread.

They're even doing T-shirts.

That's right, you can also celebrate your love of dad bods and rescue dogs by purchasing one of Lucky Bulldogs Rescue's printed tees.

So you wanna know where you can purchase all these goods?

Simply visit the Luck Bulldogs Rescue website or alternatively purchase directly from here. The calenders cost twenty dollars and the tees are priced at twenty-two dollars. What a bargain! Speaking of bargains... continue scrolling to read about the niftiest Christmas tree ever invented!