A dad has given out some parenting advice to all of his followers and it has seriously divided the internet...

He's come out and said that making your kids the "center of your universe" does not turn out well...

And while some parents agree, others have slammed his comments as "controversial."

Keep scrolling to find out how he explained himself.

Now, there's no doubt that a baby is one of life's biggest milestones...

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But boy, it sure is one of the most rewarding.

Bringing a new life into the world is truly magical...


And even though it's scary, exhausting, and testing... It's totally worth it.

As all parents will know...


Babies need around-the-clock care and attention... Well, apart from when they're sleeping, of course!

But, regardless of how much they sleep, it can still be utterly exhausting...


And, therefore, can be extremely overwhelming for new or single parents.

But they will continue to make sure their children get everything they need...

Because at the end of the day, our children come first... Or do they?

Well, one man doesn't think that's the way it should be, and apparently, some people agree with him...


However, the rest think he's utterly bonkers for suggesting such a thing...

Matt Martin, a filmmaker from Texas, was asked to write an article offering advice to parents on the married life...

And let's just say he had some interesting views to share.

In a piece titled "Your kids do not come first," he said this:

​"I won't bore you with what everyone already knows. 'Marriage is built on trust.' 'Marry your best friend.' Blah blah blaaaah. If you've been to a wedding in the last decade you've heard the bride and groom promise all of those things to each other."

He talked about trust, counseling, religion, and how they play a part in a marriage.

But things started getting spicy when he moved onto the topic of children.

​"A big humongous monstrosity of a lesson I've learned that I PRAY that all of you will strongly take into consideration is that your kids do not come first," he wrote.

He then went on to explain himself:

"Our kids are sooo important and are the future and all that fun jazz, but what's best for them is a beautiful example of 2 people who love each other (and God)."

"Another great thing for them to know is that they are not the center of the universe."

"Sorry if you're reading this in the future, Jack and Cam and any other children we may have had, but you're not the center of my universe."

Now, I'm not a parent myself, but as someone's child, I can see why a statement like this can cause anger and frustration among other kids as well as other parents.

If your children are not the center of your universe, who is?

Regardless, he continued: "Sometimes I've wanted you to be really badly, but that's not going to do you any favors, and it won't do me any favors when you leave home (please leave home)."

Matt's kids are still in the single digits so I hate to burst your bubble, but you've still got a few years before they leave home.

"You can't put your spouse on the back burner for eighteen years and then say 'Oh, hey, you can be my number one again'."

As much as I agree that self-care is important and having quality time with your partner is also very important, as parents, you know what you sign up for when you make the decision to have children. That's why it's such a big decision.

"But they will learn to be independent," some may say.

​They will still learn to be independent, motivated, and have generally high self-esteem even if they are a priority in your life. Telling them they're second or third best in your life is not teaching them anything helpful.

When you bring new life into the world, they should become your priority.

But that doesn't mean your other half should suffer because of it. It's all about balance and Matt seems to be on the other end of the spectrum with his views on parenting.

Let's just hope that his kids don't grow up and see this post and think "WTF".

If you want to read his full article, click here, but if you're in the mood for other news, keep scrolling...