Dad Creates Special Suit to Protect Baby Against Coronavirus | 22 Words

As parents, we want nothing more than to see our children happy and healthy, even if that sometimes looks like we're being overprotective.

Is that really a thing?

One dad has definitely pushed the boundaries by creating a suit designed specifically to protect his baby from coronavirus.

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Times have been particularly tough for parents.

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Those with small children have been hit hard, with some unable to buy essentials such as toilet paper, diapers, and formula.

And those who do manage to stock up...

Well, kids will be kids, right? This mom clearly had a huge disaster on her hands...

And that's not the only struggle parents have been facing...

With schools across the globe being forced to shut, many are wondering how they'll still be able to ensure their kids get educated at home.

In fact, many moms have been sharing their hilarious updates from home.

Safe to say, homeschooling isn't as easy as many of us thought!

Tweets have been rolling in.

"Day 2 of homeschooling: My sons are both suspended pending an investigation and I expelled my daughter."

Some parents even have four-legged students.

The cutest little doggo!

This one is a personal favorite.

This is one of the best things we've seen...

But, if anything...

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The outbreak has made us realize just how important the work teachers do really is.

Amazingly, so many people have been coming forward online to offer up help.

Including teachers, who are offering up their services to homeschool kids whose schools have closed.

People have been really pulling together.

Some have been making themselves available to answer any questions newly parents-turned-teachers, while other have offered to help homeschool kids online.

It's become something of a viral trend...

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And, in light of all the doom and gloom, it's nice to see people caring for others and working together.

People have also been coming up with other ways to help parents...

Like this woman, who is giving away free copies of her book to kids who are off school and don't have access to books.

On a more serious note...

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With schools closed and parents working from home, there's no doubt that many parents will be feeling overwhelmed at having to juggle everything at once.

But, parents are urged told to follow general advice from experts.

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This includes avoiding playdates, keeping up with learning from home - including any homework that has been set by the school, and of course, follow WHO advice on social distancing and washing hands regularly.

People are also advising on maintaining a "calm tone" at home.

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Especially since kids may be feeling anxious amid the outbreak.

But it's not just kids feeling anxious...

A dad in Shanghai has created something magnificent to keep his baby protected during these confusing times.

It's definitely a unique way of parenting.

The world carries on, and babies are born no matter what circumstances the world is in, which makes parenting even more stressful. He created the bespoke safety cabin to protect his child from the virus.

I think it's more of a way for him to cope with the current uncertainty.

And perhaps a way for him to keep busy and remain productive whilst in quarantine.

The suit was created by Cao Junjie.

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And inspired by the popular video game Death Stranding.  That makes more sense. The action game set here in the US features creatures from a realm between life and death roam on earth... Dark.

Looking at the suit, you can tell it was made by a gamer.

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It features a small pod with a see-through screen fitted with a dial on the side measuring the air quality. Wouldn't mind one of these myself.

The video surfaced on March 20th.

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Showing Junijie demonstrating his creation by bundling his baby up inside the suit and putting on the harness.

His kid looks quite content laying in the pod.

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But wait... it gets even better. Junijie pops on his own mask and heads outside with the infant, who seemingly spends most of the time sleeping.

But don't worry, he can still comfort the baby.

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At one point, we can see Junijie place his hand into the pod with his interconnected glove through a special hole in the suit. It's all very complicated.

Junijie explains why he chose this particular design...

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"Because I like scientific movies and games, the structure of the safety cabin is similar to the game Death Stranding, I checked the character in the game."

He created the pod so his baby would be safe outside.

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He claimed the special suit allows him and his family to go outside without the fear of catching the virus.

If it helps quell the anxiety, then I'm all for it.

Whether the suit actually works or not is a different question. Keep scrolling to see what one celebrity is doing to help families in need during the outbreak...