Dad Given 6 Months To Live After Brain Tumor Treatment Was Postponed by Coronavirus

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A dad-of-one has been given the heartbreaking news that he has only 6 months left to live…

Neil Matherson, from Dundee, Scotland, had the essential treatment for his brain tumor postponed as a result of the global virus.

Now, the pandemic has had a devastating effect on many different aspects of the world…

Such as small businesses, restaurants, bars, and social gatherings.

Over in the United Kingdom, cancer treatments have been postponed and, in worst-case scenarios, even canceled.

A London hospital which canceled all cancer treatments for 2 whole weeks at the start of the pandemic said in a statement: “These measures will help us to protect our patients, including those with covid-19, and those with other conditions.”

Leading oncologists reported that even those patients in category one and two priorities, the highest for continuing treatment, were not receiving chemotherapy throughout the first spike of the pandemic.

A study published earlier this year predicted that these delayed and canceled treatments could very well result in around 3,500 avoidable deaths from the 4 main cancers by 2025. The BBC reported that the chances of dying from coronavirus are between 0.5% and 1%… Is it really worth putting thousands of cancer patients at risk just for that?

The thirty-six-year-old dad-of-one was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer in 2018 after an optician spotted an abnormality behind his eye and referred him to the hospital.    

And he began suffering from extreme headaches that felt like “someone was tasering” the center of his brain.

“By spring 2018, I was experiencing more and more pain, to the point where I would drop to the floor in agony.”

Which was quickly identified as a rare and incurable glioblastoma multiforme.

And, in surgery, medics were able to remove 100% of the tumor, which was the size of an apple, but the prognosis was just twelve to eighteen months.

After which he had some respite with several months of “stable” scans showing no regrowth of the tumor.

His wife, Emőke, said: “We received some really disappointing MRI results which showed the tumor was growing and doctors wanted him to start him on a different type of chemo as soon as possible. But, as the hospital wasn’t licensed to use this alternative treatment, they had to wait for permission to go ahead.”

Neil and his family were then given the impossible choice of taking the treatment and risk contracting coronavirus, or postponing the treatment, thus increasing the risk of his tumor continuing to grow.

And as a result, Neil has now been told that he has only 6 months left to live.

He explained: “The tumor is now interfering with my vision and I am blind on the left side of both my eyes and my peripheral vision has gone. I am struggling to walk too.” “If the cancer grows the same as it did before, it is in my best interests I make myself as comfortable as possible. I’ve got about 6 months.”

“The care I had in hospital was amazing and the nurses couldn’t have been any nicer but I feel like the doctors have given up on me a bit and discarded me.”

That will hopefully give the family more time together after the devastating diagnosis.

He explained: “It’s called Care Oncology clinic that uses natural remedies that they have been experimenting with. It will be nice to be on something natural rather than having chemicals pumped into my body. It has had a lot of good reviews from other cancer patients saying that it has been successful in pushing their cancer back and I’m looking forward to giving it a go.”

You can see the fundraiser here. Our thoughts go out to the Matherson family during this difficult time.