Dad Has the Fright of His Life When His Wife Washes a T-Shirt With His Baby’s Face on It | 22 Words

Novelty t-shirts are all well and good - in fact, sometimes they can be pretty great. But one man discovered that they need to be treated with caution, too. A dad shared an image of a t-shirt in the washing machine - and it's absolutely terrifying.

The internet is going wild for the hilarious image - although we can imagine it wasn't quite so funny at the time.

In terms of novelty clothing, one item reigns supreme.

The humble t-shirt has excellent customizable potential.

And, in terms of customizing a tee...

What could be better than an image of your pride and joy?

Well, that's what we thought.

But it seems that there's an unforeseen danger to putting images of your kid on your clothing.

Because, like all clothing ...

A novelty t-shirt needs a wash every now and then.

But when you wash a t-shirt with a picture of a baby on it?

Well, the results can actually be far scarier than you think.

Which one dad discovered.

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And when he did, he shared the image online. It's equal parts terrifying and hysterical.

And it seems the internet agrees.

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As the comments under the picture prove.

See for yourself.

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Truly a cursed image - although we also kind of love it.

We bet it wasn't so funny at the time.

Seeing that little face peeping out would have given us a heart attack.

Although after the situation was explained...

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