Dad Interrupts Wedding To Grab Daughter’s Stepdad So They Can Both Walk Her Down the Aisle

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Weddings are so exciting, and not just for the bride and groom. It’s the day a dad watches his daughter marry the love of her life, and who will promise to look after her until the very end. It’s a pretty big deal for parents.


And not just biological parents, either.

Stepparents who’ve played a part in the soon-to-be-wedded bride or groom’s upbringing find it just as emotional. But, they often sit on the sidelines while the biological pappa plays his part in giving his daughter away.

Well, not at this wedding. Because the father of the bride actually interrupted the wedding so that he could offer his gratitude to her stepfather, and it was way too cute.


How did he offer his grattitude? You may be wondering.

He invited him to walk their daughter down the aisle, together.

Showing him that he respects how much he’s done for his daughter, as well.


As the father and daughter walked down the aisle together, he reached his hand out to his daughters step father, and pulled him into the aisle…

Prompting all 3 of them to walk to the altar together.


And it was truly a beautiful moment.

With Kelsey Griffith, the bride to her now-husband Zachary, sharing her appreciation for her dad’s kind gesture on TikTok, receiving over 1 million likes.

And a lot of adoration for the relationship her dad and stepdad have with each other, and the beautiful bride.


It’s safe to say that Kelsey is extremely lucky to have a dad who recognizes that even though it wasn’t always the plan to have another father figure in his daughters life…

She has 1 in her stepfather.

And it’s just too sweet.

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