A dad has divided opinions online after sharing his somewhat questionable reason for missing a large proportion of his daughter's wedding.

The man, who has remained anonymous for obvious reasons, took to Reddit last week to speak of his unimaginable dilemma.


In the heading, he asked if "he was the ***hole" for missing most of his daughter's wedding after she scheduled hers a day after his stepdaughter's wedding.

Yep, both his daughter and his stepdaughter were getting married on the same weekend...


In locations a thirteen-hour journey apart.

Of course, the reaction to his story online was mixed...


But, for the most part, readers instantly sided with the man's daughter and slammed him for his blatant favoritism towards his stepdaughter.

He began his post by explaining that his daughter has "always been resentful of my stepdaughter and growing up, we've had to deal with a lot of issues related to this resentment."


He continued:

"The unfortunate reality was that my ex and I had shared custody so naturally, I saw my daughter less than my stepdaughter. My stepdaughter's biological father passed away and I've treated her like my own since she was 2."​

The dad went on to insist that, despite having always treated the two girls equally, his biological daughter has frequently accused him of favoring her step sibling.


So, when both his daughters penciled in their weddings for the same weekend, he had to make a difficult decision.

He explained:


"In 2019, my stepdaughter sent out a save the date for her wedding for a Saturday in September. My daughter immediately called me, furious and accusing her stepsister of deliberately planning her wedding the day before hers."

"My daughter sent her own save the date a week later for the Sunday on that same weekend."


The conflicted dad explained that he spoke to his stepdaughter about the dilemma, who then insisted it was a mere coincidence "and that she doesn't even talk to my daughter after all those years of them not getting along."

But then came the real issue.


"​The issue was that my daughter's wedding was happening in another state that is a 13-hour drive away... And both of them wanted me to walk them down the aisle."

​Well, the troubled dad devised a plan that would ensure his attendance at both weddings.


Though it didn't quite go to plan.

He calculated that if he left his stepdaughter's wedding at 10 pm and drove through the night, he'd make it with 2 hours to freshen up and get ready for the second wedding.


But it wasn't to be.

"Unfortunately, I got lost along the way plus traffic and I missed the actual wedding ceremony. My daughter's stepfather ended up walking her down the aisle by himself."

The man claims to have been devastated by his mistake.


"​I feel like I tried my best to make both my children happy but I failed one of them completely. My stepdaughter and her husband have been attacked on Facebook by my daughter's friends who are claiming that my stepdaughter planned it on purpose."

He explained that, in an attempt to make amends, he gifted his daughter and her new husband extra money to pay for their dream trip to Japan.


"It was a lot of money but I hoped it would be a sort of way for me ask forgiveness."

However, his olive branch wasn't accepted.


"They had to postpone their trip because of covid but my daughter refuses to even consider any sort of forgiveness. The few times she picks up my calls always ends with her bringing up the wedding and getting angry at me again."

He explained that other members of the family even labeled him as an "***hole" for missing the wedding.


"I was told by a few members of my family that I was the ***hole for not prioritizing my biological child's wedding and skipping my stepdaughter's wedding instead."

You can read his full explanation below.

In a follow-up post, he said:

"I was just trying to make two children I loved happy. But maybe I should've left my stepdaughter's even earlier."

You don't say?