We all hope to have a significant meaning (or at the very least a cute story) behind our name. Parents get to make a big decision for their kids, so it's important not to mess it up! But one woman's story of how she ended up with her name has taken the internet by storm this week.

Kristina, a TikToker from Kentucky, USA, shared the rather controversial reason she got her name in a hilarious storytime. She explained that her parents came up with a deal for a fair naming process. If their baby was a boy, the mom would get the first pick, whereas if the baby was female, the dad would get to choose. Since Kristina was assigned female at birth, the responsibility of giving her her name fell to her father.

This is where things get interesting. Since Kristina was delivered via C-section, her mom was fairly out of it after her surgery. This meant the dad got free reign on naming his newborn daughter and signing all the appropriate paperwork. The dad (obviously) opted for Kristina - and the decision was initially a popular one with both parents.

But then, things went wrong. The dad later shared the real reason he'd opted for the name - and fireworks ensued.

"So I feel like most people who are named after somebody have like a cute story behind it or they're named after somebody really special... that is not the case for me," @keepingitkristina explained.

"Skip forward to the day that I was born my mum wound up having to have a c-section because my big a** head wouldn't fit through the birth canal. She was super drugged up after that and my dad filled out all of my paperwork and at last, he chose to name me Kristina. When my mum came to I guess she didn't really hate the name so she just kind of went with it and you know everything was fine for a few months until my mum found out that my dad was cheating on her... and guess what the woman's name was. Kristina. So if he messed up and called her the wrong name, he could say he was talking about me."

People were absolutely shocked by the story, with one commenter writing, "Wow... Just wow. Soooo... that was pretty selfish." Another agreed, saying, "What?!?!?!?!?! Wow, that's rough." A third had a rather dramatic solution, saying, "Wow, I would have changed your name."

But even more surprisingly, many other commenters shared some of the bizarre stories behind their names. "My dad named me after a girl he had a crush on in middle school. When my mum found out she stabbed him with a fork," one offered.

Do you have a sweet story behind your name? Or something similarly controversial?