A dad has revealed that he will not be inviting his youngest daughter to his wedding because his fiancé doesn't like her.

The dad faced criticism online after he took to Reddit to ask people if he would be an "a**hole" for only inviting his eighteen-year-old daughter.

In the post, the forty-six-year-old man explained that he was getting married to his fiancé of 3 years. He has 2 daughters aged eighteen and 9, both of whom are from previous relationships.

He described his fiancé "a very sophisticated person" who has "exquisite tastes," but the issue is she doesn't like young children.

"She also does not really care for young children and that has created tension between her and my youngest daughter," he wrote. And now that their plans for a "lavish" wedding are going ahead, after previously being postponed due to the pandemic, it's causing an issue.


"Due to the nature of the wedding and my fiancé's preferences, our wedding is going to be childfree," he explained. "We will, however, be inviting my oldest as she is no longer a child, and because, unlike my youngest, she and my fiancé get along well."

The man admitted that he didn't "realise my youngest expected to come to the wedding," but now she's knows she's not, she is "distraught."

"She tried to tag along with my fiancé and my oldest when they were going shopping for a dress for my oldest because she thought she needed a dress too," he wrote.

"I explained to her that the wedding was going to be for adults only and she wouldn't be attending. She started crying and getting mad which stressed out my fiancé. She has been distraught about this for days and hasn't let it go."

Since then, his parents have got involved and have said they will not attend unless she does.

"I don't want my fiancé to have to deal with my daughter on the most important day of her life. My parents told me I was being a terrible father by prioritizing my fiancé over my daughter and that on the day of the wedding they would take my daughter out for a special day, which means they wouldn't be at the wedding."

After explaining the situation online, people were very quick to slam the dad for even contemplating not inviting his daughter.

"Assuming his whole family is going to attend the wedding where is the 9 year old supposed to go while everyone at the wedding? That is just awful, isolating a 9 year old just because his soon to be wife doesn't like children," one person wrote.

"I don't understand why you would want to marry someone who actively dislikes your children," said another.

What do you think about his decision? Do you think he's in the wrong?