Dad’s ‘Cruel’ Punishment for 15-Year-Old Daughter Divides the Internet

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We all know that parents are overprotective, and sometimes a little embarrassing. Whether that be because they try and get down with the lingo”, or even because they’re a little bit too enthusiastic about your achievements. But, sometimes, they can go in the opposite direction, and be overly strict, and that’s exactly what this dad did with his daughter.

He gave her a reality check…

A dad recently punished his daughter for something she uploaded to TikTok, and internet users are divided in their opinions as a result…

What’s one thing dad’s fear?
Their daughters twerking on the internet. Well, maybe not all dads have to worry about that, but this dad was certainly a little heartbroken to find out that their baby girl had created a TikTok account so that they could display their twerking abilities, and show off their buttocks.

This dad had recently found out his daughter had also been meeting “older guys” and posting twerking videos to her TikTok feed.

So what did he do? He made her walk through the mall with a sandwich board attached to her body that read: “My name is Arbree, I like to sneak out of the house at night to meet older guys and I post twerk videos. I’m only 15.”

People had a lot to say about the since-deleted video, that had been uploaded to the Arti-Twitch Reacts YouTube page.

While some said that they had “respect” for the dad, others thought that she’s going to carry the experience into adulthood, impacting her relationship with him and that he’s rushed to punishing her when clearly she’s being groomed by those older men.

“This dad is doing the right thing. Twerking is something that should only be seen in Gentleman’s club “STRIP JOINT” And the fact that it is seen mainstream being done by women encouraging little girls to do it is sad,” one person said, in support of the father.

But another person said that it was just going to “advertise her to all the creeps,” expressing that if anything, it will make her sneakier than before.
He’s not the only dad who’s shamed his daughter though.

This dad was just as angry when he found out his daughter had done the same thing…

The daughter, alannasillva on TikTok, has now been banned from making any other videos of the twerking kind, and he went a step further, making her post an apology video with him by her side. Some thought his words in the video were a little blunt, but they were definitely straight to the point: “Daughter, wh**** show their buttocks, and you aren’t a wh***,” he finished.
What do you think? Too harsh or harsh enough?