Dad Blasted as Punishment for ‘Distraught’ Nine-Year-Old Son Divides Parents

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Being a parent has its fair share of difficult moments.

Although one story shared by a dad of him punishing his child has left the internet divided, as some think he’s gone a little too far…

The love between you and your child is something unlike any other feeling on earth… It’s a pretty magical thing.

Being a parent is basically the hardest job on earth – and the pressure to be a perfect parent can make life even more stressful.

There are some aspects of parenthood are just eternally frustrating. Hey, no one said being a mom was always going to be great fun, right?

There are many things that make parenthood irritating…

But there’s one thing pretty much every mom out there can relate to, which is that feeling that you’re constantly fighting a losing battle against your kids’ annoying habits.

And at some point during our kids’ lives, they will make sure to make our lives as difficult as possible.

And most importantly, it’s all about putting your foot down and not giving in.

And while some may be considered extreme and unnecessary, many of these methods prove to be very useful.

And it has truly divided the internet.

The story was shared online and took off on social media.

And it showed a father disciplining his son in a rather harsh way.

Others feel just as strongly to the contrary.

While others think this will only reinforce bad habits later in life.

But, of course, there was no shortage of opinions!

The dad claims his son is always leaving his bike outdoors.

Even though he’s constantly told not to.

​So one day, after seeing the bike left out again, the dad lost his patience.

Taking the bike in his car.

When the son noticed his bike was missing, he was distraught.

“I told him ‘No, I didn’t see it. Isn’t this why we always tell you to put the bike away?” the dad said.

​”I calmed him down and told him that we can make a plan for him to earn a new bike when I got home for the day.”

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The dad then brought the bike back, saying he’d found it abandoned in the park.

“”Later that night my wife was telling me that it was super lucky that I happened to find the bike and I told her that I had it the whole time and ran through what happened with her.”

“She looked at me as if I was some kind of horrible monster. ‘Why would you put our son through that? And why wouldn’t you at least tell me this dumb plan so I could stop you?'”

“It’s not like I had it planned out, it was just a spur of the moment decision as I was leaving for work and she was still asleep.”

“Tim was only missing his bike for a day and I wasn’t giving him that hard of a time about it.”

One commenter replied, “You didn’t trash the bike, you didn’t throw or give away the bike, you just let your son see the consequences of his actions. Seems like he learned his lesson.”

Another agreed, saying “Kids aren’t going to learn if they’re constantly coddled from reality. I think this was a really good way of making the lesson stick.”​

“One day of ‘oh no my bike is gone’ isn’t going to kill him. Especially since he got it back at the end of the day. In the grand scheme of things, this was a gentle way of teaching him.”

What do you think of this controversial punishment?