When your child brings home a letter from school, it's usually not the greatest news. But I'm willing to bet there's never been a parent that has ever received a letter quite like this.

An English dad named Paul Hunt shared the following letter from his ten-year-old son's school that proves kids have, shall we say, vivid imaginations.

It reads:

...I'm sorry, did you say "Wildo the Dildo"..?

Yes, that would be "Wildo the Dildo," and I can only imagine the administrator sent home a letter instead of making a call because they wouldn't have been able to stop from laughing.

Much like Twitter was in reaction to the tweet.

It is indeed 100% genuine, I don't think he could've come up with anything as hilarious as Wildo the Dildo on his own.

His original tweet blew up, getting nearly 5,000 retweets in a matter of hours.

And whenever a tweet blows up like that it gets some, shall we say, "interesting" reactions...

Like Wildo's sidekick, Huttlug.

Yikes. No thank you.

Great/terrible minds think alike.



Wildo was such an innocent story until Twitter got ahold of him.

How would you even respond to getting this letter as a parent though?

It'd be impossible to keep a straight face.

That letter is a keeper.

If only so you can whip it out when he's a teenager and embarrass him in front of all his friends.

The teacher that wrote this had to write a letter about "Wildo the Dildo" and sign it at the end.

It's certainly a story she'll never forget, at least.

The teacher was basically forced to write a letter.

Because there is no way she would've been able to say "Wildo the Dildo" without laughing.

Whenever you're feeling down, just remember the plight of Wildo.

Some people had lofty goals for Wildo.

I doubt Wildo will become a mascot, but one thing's for certain — he won't be soon forgotten.