Dad With Lightning-Fast Reflexes Saves Toddler as He Flies Down Water Slide

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A TikTok video showing a dad saving a toddler using lightning-fast reflexes while flying down a water slide has gone viral.

The dad used his sharp reflexes to grab hold of his baby daughter as she flew down a waterslide. First posted on TikTok by user and mom, @rachkreitz, the video has now received more than 6 million views.

The video shows the user’s husband and their children enjoying a sunny day in the garden with a water slide. The dad and his 2 children are first shown at the top of the waterslide, with their youngest child playing at the bottom.

But, as the dad and children jump down the slide, the toddler walks into their pathway which causes for some lightning-fast dad reflexes.

As they hurdled to the bottom, the dad opens his arms pushes his other 2 children to the side and grabs his daughter. He removes her from harm and carries her out of the way before she walks away pouting.

Viewers of the video have been left amazed by the dads quick thinking and reaction.

“I swear some dads like go into survival mode when it comes to their kids. That was badass,” one TikTok user wrote.

“Dad of the year goes to this gentleman!!!! That baby was completely unbothered !!!” said another.

“He trained his whole life for the,” added a third.

But, while people were praising the dad for his quick thinking, they also shared some criticism for the person standing behind the camera who didn’t help.

“Everyone saying nice save but we literally getting a moms viewpoint of just standing there watching,” said one user.

“Pretty scare to have 3 sliding right towards the baby not sure why someone wouldn’t bring the baby to safety first but glad the baby was caught,” wrote another.

To the criticism received, rachkreitz responded by writing: “Apparently my husband & I are poor parents… Venmo rachel-kreitzinger, we’ll take some parenting classes.”

What do you think of the incident?