Dad Sends Photoshopped Pictures to Girlfriend Whenever She Asks the Kids Are Okay

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A dad-of-2 has gone viral for the incredible photoshopped photos he sends to his girlfriend whenever she asks if their children are okay.

The creative dad’s hilarious response sees him go to extreme lengths to photoshop his children into precarious and sometimes dangerous situations.

Kenny Duess, from Antwerp, Belgium, started the long-running joke after his daughter, Alix was born in 2019. Whenever Duess was looking after Alix on his own, his girlfriend would message him to ask if Alix was okay.

And after Duess received the text a few times, he decided to start making his responses a little more interesting with the help of photoshop.

Duess, who now shares all of his creations on his Instagram @onadventurewithdad, began photoshopping his children to look like they were, among many things, being attacked by seagulls, drinking beer or sat on the edge of a cliff.

The dad’s pictures have been a huge success online and regularly attract attention. Posting on Instagram, a photoshopped photo of himself holding his second child, Aster while skateboarding, he wrote: “Dad had to look after Aster but at the same time he wanted to do some new tricks. Luckily he’s very good at multitasking.”

To which people responded: “Aaah, preparing our kids for the Olympics, that’s a good way to start the day!”

“I had a heart attack when I saw this,” said another.

“This is sorta believable,” added a third.

Speaking to Bored Panda, before the birth of his second child, Duess explained that his girlfriend enjoys the photos, even if she does check to make sure they are made safely.

“My girlfriend had to look twice when she received the first photo [to understand what was really going on], but it didn’t take long before she and her colleagues started looking forward to new pictures,” he said. “That being said, she always makes sure that the pictures were safely made. She’s always happy with the result.”

“Alix is an easy-going, happy child. She is always smiling with a funny character, trying to make us laugh mixed with a hint of stubbornness,” he added.

Duess’ photos have been such a success with both his girlfriend and the internet that he now offers to make families their own. He runs a photoshopping service through his website, where people can get in touch with their photoshop request and simply pick a template.

Will you be ordering one?