Hair is a big deal for some people.

So, when one dad chopped off his daughter's hair after she got highlights for her birthday, it's no surprise that people were outraged.

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Whether you're a man or a woman, your hair can be a big deal.


For some people, their head of hair acts as somewhat of a comfort blanket.

And the thought of losing it or chopping it off?


Well, it's simply horrifying.

So you can imagine how one girl felt when her dad chopped her hair...


And it was all because she had highlights put in for her birthday.

When Ohio teenager, Kelsey Johnson turned thirteen, she asked her mom if she could do one thing to celebrate...

Get highlights put into her hair.

Not too much of an ask, is it?

Fortunately, Kelsey's mom, Christin Johnson, happily agreed and, so, the mom and daughter headed to the salon for a day of pampering and celebrating.

Christin posted a picture of her daughter's new hair on Facebook...

Where Kelsey was visibly happy with the transformation. But, there was one person who wasn't so happy when they saw it.

Following her day of pampering, Christin dropped Kelsey off with her dad and stepmother so that she could spend a few days with them.


But when Kelsey came home, she looked dramatically different after having another haircut.

After reading what Kelsey's dad and stepmom had done, people were outraged.

This is what her dad did to her.

He cut her long blonde hair into a short pixie cut, reportedly, as a punishment for having highlights put in.

Christin took to Facebook to share the horrifying series of events:

"This is what my daughter looked like Sunday when I took her home and the other two pics is what happened today before she was brought to me... all over me having highlights put in her hair for her birthday!" In one picture, Kelsey won't even show her face.

Fortunately, Christin had the idea to get Kelsey a wig to make her feel better.

The staff at Lady Jane's salon fitted Kelsey with her new wig and, from the pictures her mom posted on Facebook she looks much happier. Christin added: "I'd like to thank the ladies for making my baby feel more like herself! We truly appreciate you ladies so much!"

We think she looks great either way!


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