Dad Boasts That 14-Year-Old Son Works ‘Every Day’ at Burger King, Sparks Fierce Debate

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While maintaining a job can be a great way to teach kids independence and the value of money, there should surely be a limit. One dad who boasted about his own teen’s work ethic has gone viral this week – for all the wrong reasons.


Here’s the Tweet that started it all.

Twitter user @kittynouveau shared an anonymous screenshot from her Facebook, critiquing the parenting methods of this “proud dad.”


Because sure, instilling a work ethic whilst young can help set a child up for success.

But it truly seems as though this child is missing out on some of the most important (and funnest) parts of life in order to get into the workforce way too early.
Listen, we’re all going to be working for way longer than we want to. So why not embrace being 14, before rent, a mortgage, bills, and life’s expenses truly get on top of you?


​And honestly, it seems like the internet agrees. 

“He’s definitely A. Avoiding home life by working 24/7 B. Going to over work himself to the point that he’ll be jaded to actual hard work later in life when it should count C. Going to have difficulties learning moderation, because his extremism is rewarded D. all of the above,” wrote one commenter.


Another shared a more humorous view.

“My parents essentially did the same thing (Taco Bell). What did it teach me? Weed is awesome, and the realities of poverty working with 30+ year olds on the lunch shift with dental issues and opiate addictions. I’m now 30+ socialist. Just saying that ‘hard work’ bs can backfire.”
An unexpected (but brilliant) consequence!


But there’s another big question circulating – the legality of this arrangement.

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Does the US really have a system that allows this? Well, it seems 14-year-olds are allowed to work but only for a limited number of hours, according to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Whether this particular story abides by these laws is not known – but many believe the post reeks of exploitation.

What do you think of this kid’s story? Is he hustling – or simply wasting his childhood?