Dad Texts Wife That Their Kitchen Is on Fire Because She Left Him With Baby for ‘Too Long’

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Most of the time, we see momma’s wearing their babies around their hips, right? Well, when this momma bear told her husband she’d be out for 2 hours while he looked after their baby…

She was out for 4 hours instead.

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And so, what did he do? He told her that the kitchen was on fire so that she’d come home. Yikes.

Maybe a little extreme…

And many Reddit users think he was out of line, as the mom posted the whole incident to the platform, asking for a little bit of advice as to whether she’s the a**hole or not.

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On the platform, she begins by saying: “Hi. I’m (31 yo female) a sahm and my husband works a full-time job. To be fair his job’s very demanding and he barely finds the energy to sit at the table and eat after he gets home. We have a 9-month-old son and I handle most of his care obviously but my husband plays and sleeps with him at night.”

She then continued on: “My sister’s wedding is coming up and we already received an invite but the thing is I had to go dress shopping and get my hair done. I asked my husband on his day off if he could stay with our son for just 2 hours until I get back and he seemed hesitant asking lots of “what if” questions but I promised he got this and I’d be quick. He shrugged saying “fine go…but 2 hours and not a minute more!”

But little did she know, he really did mean that she couldn’t be a minute later than she agreed.

In the time she was separated from her baby and her husband, she was bombarded by phone calls. So, she turned her phone on silent while she was at the salon until of course, she checked a message that said she needed to rush home immediately because the kitchen was on fire.

“My heart sank I froze and started calling my sister. She came and took me home and called the cops who notified us later that there was nothing going on in our neighborhood. I was confused, especially after my husband didn’t answer my calls. I rushed inside the house to find him pacing around asking why the heck I took too long to get home,” she continued.

“I asked about the kitchen fire and he nonchantly said kitchen was fine but he wasn’t and he just had to lie to get me to get home after I ignored his calls and after leaving him with our son for 4 hours when I said 2,” she wrote.

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And so, the couple got into a big argument, and he said that she shouldn’t have lied to him about how long she was staying out, making him look after their son when child care is “more” her “responsibility” than his.

The police then turned up, taking him down to the station to talk about his false claims, and the momma admitted that his family was: “Enraged with how I treated him on his much-needed day off.”

Surprise, surprise…The majority of Reddit users have said that she is definitely not the a**hole…

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Saying that parenthood is about partnership and that she had been manipulated and gaslit by her husband. With others suggesting she should leave her husband because she’s practically a single parent already.

What do you think about this situation? Who was in the wrong?