Dad Slammed Online After Trying To Change Son’s Date of Birth Because He ‘Has Authority’

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A dad has been slammed after he tried to change his son’s date of birth and claimed he had the “authority” to do so…

The dad, who has remained anonymous, took to Reddit to ask people’s opinions on his attempt to change his son’s date of birth.

And as you can imagine it didn’t go down very well.

The dad explained in the post that he and his wife had recently welcomed their first child, a son who was born at 11.05 PM on New Year’s Eve 2020, the Mirror reports.

However, when he went to fill in a form regarding his son’s birth, he wrote that his date of birth was 12.05 AM on January 1st, 2021.

Why you ask? Well, he claims that “one hour difference wasn’t really a problem.”

Unfortunately for him, it was a problem and once the nurse read the form, she would not accept it as she said it had to be filled in with the correct details.

“I told her that she was making a huge deal out of it. And that this was unfair to my son because he only lived in 2020 for just one hour,” the dad explained.

“Plus 2020 was a shi**y year I’m glad it’s finally over and I don’t want my son to be associated with it. So adding 2021 would make more sense. I told her it didn’t matter and that it was better that way.”

The nurse argued with the dad and told him that his actions were “forgery” and that changing the date of birth by an hour would “cause a huge issue because it’s not just an hour, I was changing the date as well.”

At which point, the dad told the nurse something that people are not pleased about…

“I told her that I’m his dad so I get a say and take full responsibility for anything that happens later. She lashed out at me and told me that ‘this is not how it works’ and that this form will not be accepted because it contained false information.”

“She got more people involved including the pediatrician who disrespected me by raising his voice. I told them that I’m the parent and have the authority,” he wrote.

Eventually, the dad was not allowed to fill out the form and his wife told him he’d “embarrassed her by making a scene and acting stupid and lashing out.”

He was also slammed by his family for causing his wife to be “stressed out,” however the man’s brother agreed that it was “ridiculous” to focus on a specific time.

What do you think of his actions?