We all know that looking after a baby is going to be hard work, especially as a first-time parent. The crying, the feeding, the constant need for attention, and then more crying. It's going to be intense for anyone.

So there's no wonder that sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures! But did this dad take it to the extreme?

After noticing his child didn't like being looked after by him alone, he thought of some ingenious parenting hacks to make life easier. From dressing up, tied up ropes, to weighted gloves, this guy seems to have covered some of the main struggles of parenting, meaning he can sit back, relax and watch his tablet.

First time parenting is going to be hard for anyone to get used to.

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The daunting feeling of being completely responsible for another tiny human.

Not to mention all the late nights and early mornings that begin.

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The constant lack of sleep and the feeling of being exhausted.

And the late nights and lack of sleep, aren't in the fun way that they were a few years ago.

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Back when your late nights and early mornings were when you came stumbling in from the nightclub at 4 am. Then you would sleep until 2 pm and spend the rest of the day complaining of how tired you are.

No, the feeling of becoming a parent is completely different from anything you've experienced before.

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And actually it isn't all bad.

The overwhelming feeling of love does outweigh the lack of sleep.

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The strong protectiveness you feel overpowers the constant crying.

Ultimately, parenting is the best gift in the world.

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And all the struggles are worth it in the end.

But let's be honest.

Any tips, tricks or hacks that any fellow parents have to offer will be welcomed with open arms.

Well, this one desperate dad has thought of a few.

His ideas have drawn in millions of fans on Chinese social media after his ideas were shared on Passion News, a state-approved news outlet affiliated to the Young Pioneers of China.

One idea involves a 'home-made' rocking chair.

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All this dad used was a basket and some rope.

He attached two pieces of rope to either end of the basket.

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Then one spare end attaches to a solid piece of furniture and the other ties to his foot.

He can then gently rock the basket by pulling his foot.

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Whilst he lays back and relaxes.

Not a bad idea really for a rocking chair on a budget.

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Or a dad who wants to look at his tablet.

In another video, the dad shared another smart hack with the world.

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Often babies liked to be comforted whilst they are trying to sleep.

The presence of having their mom or dad nearby can bring comfort and reassurance.

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And ultimately help them to sleep.

But parents don't often have the time to spend sat with their baby as it sleeps.

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Sometimes nap time is the only free time to clean house, do the chores, cook dinner or have a bit of 'me' time.

Or in this guy's case, the only chance to go on his tablet.

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So how did he get around this you ask?

Well, all he needed was a glove and something to fill it with.

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The video shows the glove, which is filled up and tied so it is weighted, placed on top of the baby.

The weighted glove gives the baby the impression that it is being attended to.

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Whilst dad sits and plays his tablet.

Maybe we don't give dad enough credit for their genius ideas, as this isn't the first guy to think up some genius hacks.

Last year, one dad Eli Spector was put in charge of taking care of his son whilst his partner went out.

He realized that his son cried when he missed his mom, so whilst doing the dirty laundry he came up with an idea.

Eli took one of his partner's items of clothing out of the dirty laundry and placed it next to his son.

A few seconds later his son cuddled up to the item and miraculously, he stopped crying.

So there's another dad hack!

The third video the dad shared that went crazy on Chinese social media was similarly when he noticed his baby missed its mom.

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So guess what he decided to do ...

This guy decided to become the baby's mom.

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He dressed up in her pajamas and printed out a mask of her face.

He then laid in bed next to his child dressed up as its mother.

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So that it would believe it was laying next to its mom and hopefully not cry.

Like we said, desperate times seem to bring creative ideas.

But if the hacks work, who can blame parents for using them.