Dad Accuses Wife of Bad Parenting After Watching on Monitor | 22 Words

One dad has come under fire online for accusing his wife of being a bad mom.

People were shocked after finding out what he does...

Now, there's nothing quite as rewarding as motherhood.

The love between you and your child is something unlike any other feeling on earth… It's a pretty magical thing.

However, parenting isn't easy...

Whoever said it is, is lying.

Although you try and do the best for your child...

Everyone has an opinion on what you're doing wrong.

There are many things that make parenthood irritating...

But there's one thing pretty much every mom out there can relate to, which is feeling like you're not giving your kids the best.

But the latest parenting decision to break the internet could certainly be the most controversial yet.


It's safe to say, people have some pretty strong opinions...

And it starts with one dad speaking out about his wife...


Accusing her of being a bad mom, and people are furious...

A dad has been slammed after he admitted to watching his wife through the baby monitor "when she thought nobody could see".


The man posted on social media to say he saw "something really concerning," but he was soon put down by other parents.

He explained that they have 2 twin boys, aged 3...


And said that his wife is "always a really engaged parent around me."

While they have cameras in the house for when they have babysitters over, they both agreed not to use them when they're at home.


Although, the dad said he recently got a notification from the app and opened it on his phone, which gave him a live stream of his wife and kids.

He wrote:


"But in the feed, my wife was on her tablet with noise-canceling headphones on when the boys were playing kind of rough with each other. Something that they're not allowed to do, and she was just ignoring it.

"I was concerned and decided to talk to her that night. But that afternoon I had the urge to check the app again, and they were eating unthawed breaded mozzarella sticks from the freezer box while my wife was FaceTiming someone and still wearing her noise-canceling headphones."

He continued...


"It was so bizarre and unexpected, I opened up the cloud storage and took a few looks at older videos throughout the week. And every time, she had her headphones on and was practically ignoring the kids."

He then confronted his wife about what he saw...


While also revealing he had rewatched other videos to get more evidence.

She was understandably furious and couldn't understand why he hadn't gone to her first.


He wrote: "I feel worried, it's like a switch seems to flip when she's alone with the kids versus when she knows someone is watching.

"She's so attentive and present when we're doing stuff as a family, or with family friends around. But it looked like she was 100 percent checked out when she thought nobody would see."

He later took to Reddit to ask if what he'd done was wrong...


And he received a lot of responses...

One user replied:

"Like, how dare she be in the same room but not staring at her kids, and how dare they eat frozen cheese. Terrifying! Sounds like [the dad] may be forcing mama to be hyper-attentive whenever he's home and doesn't understand what childcare actually consists of."

A second wrote:

"Mothers are EXTREMELY judged in our society for not being perfect. You need to read more about women's experiences being moms and being judged. And instead of confronting her in such a judgemental way, you could have asked her, 'hey honey, I know being a mom is really hard and tiring. How are you doing? Is everything okay? Do you need anything?'"

This led to one user asking the dad how often he looks after the kids...


To which he responded he watches them on Thursday nights to allow her to see friends, and one afternoon or evening each weekend.

This comment riled people even further...

As another said: "You dump EVERYTHING on your poor wife. Do you do ANY parenting AT ALL? Because it doesn't sound like you do."

Although some did attempt to defend him...

Arguing: "They're your children and you have the right to worry about them. The fact that the kiddos aren't supervised enough to the point of eating unthawed food is horrible! You are NOT in the wrong for worrying about her or her actions."

What do you think?

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