A dad has gone viral after he decided to put his own twist on a TikTok trend, by reviewing his newborn baby. The dad took to TikTok to share his honest review on life as a new dad with his newborn, who "overall is a pretty good baby."

Posted by the TikTok user, thedavisfamily.4, the video sees the dad begin by explaining that he's "back with another review today." "This is my little boy, I just got him about 2 months ago," he says in the video which has more than 2.5 million views.

"The cheeks are very chunky and very kissable," said the dad before describing a "cute thing" he does that "makes you want to kiss him even more." He then explains that the baby doesn't come with everything, you'll need to get clothes and diaper which he got "for around 20 bucks." "You can get them anywhere," he noted, adding, "Overall, he's a pretty good baby until he's hungry. Then, he goes crazy."

The dad then recommends babies for any family, before explaining that it "only takes one grown-up transaction," to get one.

And, as for whether the dad would have another, he said he's not sure, "but I have him."

People loved the honest review with many describing it as "excellent."

"This obstetrician mom is obsessed with your new item. Excellent review. 10/10 would recommend," one person wrote.

"Lol... 'this is my little boy, I got him about two months ago'... I literally can't. Your son is so handsome," wrote another.

"My man reviewed his son. I'm dead. Bro make more of these... the vids not the baby. Not yet. Bless your fam bro," added a third.

Some people even joined in with the joke, as one person wrote: "After about 12 years, mine started flipping out. Sure enough, this was right after the warranty expired." And another TikTok user added: "This feels like false advertising. Mine didn't come with volume controls and now they're talking back and full of attitude."

"What if you brought one but two arrive?" asked another.